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EagleSacramento: James Hetfield: Metallica will never play Super Bowl halftime show. https://t.co/VNc50SlFwc

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Tommy's Final Line.... Pick 'Em....

brawl200Some people take this as seriously as a heart attack… I guess that’s what gets the adrenaline goin’….  Nothin’ wrong with that. After an insane four days, some blown calls  and  near riots…. we have two experienced finalists for the 2010 Superbrawl Title… The loud, in-your-face Aussies… AC DC…. vs. the most serious, intense Classic Rockers of our generation… Pink Floyd…whose fans have been up to the challenge from day one. My guess is…. It goes down to the wire.  Friday’s text votes will be tabulated from 10am to 5pm….

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01/28/2010 5:52PM
Tommy's Final Line.... Pick 'Em....
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01/29/2010 5:28PM
Bill Godsill
What is Cowtown's fascination with Pink Floyd? Awin over AC/DC and 2 albums in your top 5. No Way! In any other city, PF wouldn't even survive the quarter-finals. It must a SacTown thing!
07/07/2011 6:12AM
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