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Tower Records Museum

Over 50 years ago, Russ Solomon started Tower Records and it's amazing concept traveled around the world. Tower Records was one of the first things I checked out when I came to Sacramento. It seemed that every 3rd person I met either worked at or used to work at a Tower Records Store. That's a testament to how important this retail giant was to the people of our town. I bet those of you who worked at Tower, or shopped there regularly, have stories to tell. About 3 years ago, Russ Solomon donated about 200 boxes of Tower related history. The Tower Records Project hopes to raise money to establish a permanent museum to display this very important part of our local history. Maybe someday, it can travel around the world so others can see this iconic part of American culture. This Thursday,June 21st, I will be joining Russ, along with Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, at the Dimple records location on Broadway. It will be the kickoff fund raiser for the project, come out around 10:30 and join the launch. And if you have Tower memorabilia, keep it handy, you can be part of this museum as well.  Souvenirs from the "Revolution" How fun!.

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06/18/2012 10:59AM
Tower Records Museum
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06/18/2012 12:56PM
How exciting!!
My first job was at Tower Records in Citrus Heights! I have such wonderful memories of working in the store and working at some of the events! I was new in town and it was a great way to meet people and get to know the area!! I have some memorabilia frommy days as a Tower Records employee!!
06/19/2012 12:22PM
Ten Stores
I worked with Russ, Tony & Bud when their were only ten stores. Quite the experience! Love how Russ stays younger each year. JBC
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