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Tribute Band??

There oughta be some rule on how long a band can continue using their name When members leave..or die. Case in point: Lynyrd Skynyrd. God knows I love em.. Saw the original line up in 1974. Gotta admit..I even enjoyed the “new” Reincarnation with Johnny V.Z. and the boys. But are they really Skynyrd anymore?? I mean, the local tribute band Skinnin Leonard has almost as many original Skynyrd members as they do! And..r.i.p. Billy Powell…maybe his passing is a sign that Skynyrd should throw in The towel. What about Queen?? I thought Paul Rodgers in the 70s had the best voice in rock. And cool…if he wants to tour with the surviving queen members as a tribute. But can you ever replace Freddie Mercury and keep the same name?? Ok, ok,..maybe Kiss is an exception. As long as Paul and Gene are there… You can put some makeup on a guitarist and drummer, explode some flashpots, And play “Rock n Roll All Night”: I’ll accept em as Kiss. But I’ll draw the line if Zeppelin tries to tour with a different singer from Plant And tries to call themselves Led Zeppelin. Don’t do it, Jimmy!

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03/02/2009 9:00PM
Tribute Band??
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