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Walt's Best Dive Bars
These places aren't known for their comfortable seating, fantastic views, or celebrity guest lists.  There aren't elaborate food menus, or fancy wall decorations.  I'm talking about old-time, traditional, neiborhood hangouts, sans frills.  Dive Bars!  And, to be clear, this is a compliment for these establishments...love the comfort of an "old haunt."  Here's my suggestions (in no particular order):
Drytown Club, Drytown.
It's a roadhouse in the middle of nowhere. I love it. Motorcycles... BBQ & Blues on the weekends. The Leather Souls playing. Slice of heaven.
Pine Cove Tavern, East Sacramento.
I've had my share of Pabst there. It was the "KCRA Clubhouse" during our softball days.
Club 2Me, East Sacramento.
The great neighborhood bar. An annual reunion spot at Thanksgiving for all who grew up there. Great bartenders.
The Back Door, Old Sacramento.
The ghosts of Mel Torme and Frank Sinatra are at the bar. It's a welcome trip back to the 50's. Live piano. Lots of characters.
Liar's Bench, Placerville.
Definately haunted by the dead and not dead. I loves me some Placerville and this is a spot to find out what's really going on.
Main Event, Jackson.
Any excuse to get to Main Street in Jackson works for me. Next stop, the National Hotel down the street.
SoCal's, East Sacramento.
Great hangout...play trivia on the TV monitors or the shuffle board and billiards are kickin' in the back room.
Virgin Sturgeon, Sacramento (on Sacramento River).
Boat up in your craft... check out the view and other scenery. No better spot in the summer.
Cheater's, East Sacramento.
Not the biggest bar i've spent money in, but it's chummy. It was the first dive bar i took my future wife too. A Pittsburgh Steelers fan hangout.   
Torch Club, Sacramento.
Awesome tradition.... great cocktails and live music. Sit back and enjoy some Blues. 
Bonus Picks;
Flame Club and Monte Carlo, Sacramento. Tough to pick just one. They're so close to each other, you can easily stumble to both. Good stop for those heading to...or from places like the Mix or Republic.

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Walt's Best Burger Joints
Each Thursday, we'll pick a specific subject and discuss "Walt's Best".  The hope is that, collectively, we'll come up with the go-to-locations for everything Sacramento, from restaurants and dive bars to golf courses and hiking trails.  The key ingredient is your input, so please weigh in via email, Facebook, Texting to 45797, or phone us at (916) 766-5734.

(in no particular order)

O'Mally's Irish Pub, Old Sacramento (1109 2nd St.)
The most serious blue cheese and bacon burger ever. Tons of blue cheese and big bacon strips. It's like a vacation in my mouth. You need a shower after eating this.
Willie's Burgers, Sacramento (2415 16th St.)
I get the triple burger with the sauce; add chili and it's an official "Willie's".
Nationwide Meats, Sacramento (1930 H St.)
Giant French Steakburger and big wedge fries. Deelish.
Squeeze Inn, Sacramento (5301 Power Inn Rd.)
The Squeeze with Cheese...a skirt cheese burger. It's all about the cheese, but what isn't.
Jim-Denny's, Sacramento (816 12th St.)
The total hole in the wall burger spot in downtown Sac since 1934. Good breakfast too. I started going there in '88 when Jim was still flipping burgers.
Fanny Ann's, Old Sacramento (1023 2nd St.)
Lots of selection for your burgers....and seasoned curly fries. I likes me some of their blue cheese burger too.
The Habit, Sacramento (6 locations in the area)
Nice selection of burgers. Lots of folks stop here.
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Audio Highlights of the Show
Well, we've done a couple of shows and they have been fun so far. This is just a little reminder that we will post highlights on the Eagle's Audio Vault page often. So make sure you drop in and visit, just in case you missed anything. 
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Who Is This Walt Gray Fellow?
Hello again.  I'm Walt Gray, the former KCRA-TV (Channel 3) news/sports anchor, and now the host of "The Walt Gray Show" mornings on 96.9 The Eagle.  As I'm new here, I thought I'd share 20 "fun facts" about me, that hopefully you'll be able to use for your entertainment and comedic pleasure.  Would love to learn about you as well, at Facebook.com/WaltGrayShow.
20 Items Of Walt Gray Trivia
1. I eat way too much fried chicken.
2. I was born in Providence, Rhode Island
3. My Dad, Walt, Sr., was a State Senator
4. I played college basketball
5. I do not drink light beer
6. I only eat real cheese.. none of that light-cheese, food-slices stuff!
7. My first TV job was in Macon, Georgia
8. The best time of my work life (so far) was my first job in Ft. Myers Florida.
9. I love Broadway musical show tunes. Camelot is my fave.
10. I call my 10 year old daughter Abby "Bean", my seven year old daughter Kelly "Biscuit" and my five year old son Joseph "Mr. J" or "J-Bird". All of them would prefer I not call them these names.
11. I love camping at Sly Park.
12. All of my favorite teams are the Bostons (Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox).
13. I love dive bars
14. My wife is News10 Meteorologist Monica Woods, whom I call "'Nique" (after Monique)
15. My brother, Tim Gray, is a former TV Sportscaster who now produces WWII movies, which run on PBS stations.
16. I had to put my dog "Scout" down this year. She almost made it to 15. Not a good day when that happened.
17. After owning a Porsche, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo thru my Sacramento years, I'm perfectly fine driving a Nissan Versa now. I got all my flash out in my 30's and 40's !
18. I'm mostly Italian. My mother's maiden name is "Cozzolino."  
19. "I may be a lion in a cage, but i'm still a lion..." (One of my favorite quotes.)
20.  I've sailed many times with Captain Morgan, at least, that's what i've been told.

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My 10 favorite Eagle Personalities since 1990
I've been an Eagle listener since the station signed on in 1990, and was an active member of the Eagle morning show as host of the "Morning Sports Page" with "Jeff and Mark" from 1991-1996. Now, from the "coming full circle department," I am the host of the new "Walt Gray Show" on the Eagle with the unpredictble Kat Maudru (starting Oct 22nd).  As I look forward to joining the team, I was thinking about my list of favorite EAGLE DJ's since 1990 (in no particular order).  Let me know your thoughts at feedback@eagle969.com
  • Bob Keller – the only guy I know that has more imaginary friends than I have real ones.  Seriously though, who doesn’t love The Café Rock?
  • Dorian McKenzie – her air shift wasn’t long enough to contain her smart wit; could have written for a TV hit, but would rather mock them for not hiring her.
  • Tom Nakashima – started in Sacramento the same year Pink Floyd released “Wish You Were Here”…yeah, a LONG time ago.  There’s no better pro than Tom.
  • J. Walker – a bit of a staff prankster, he loved to share a good joke; plus, he blew out SO MANY SPEAKERS, searching for 11 on the volume controls.
  • Charlie Thomas – The King of Puns.  This guy can rip 20 punch lines in 20 seconds.  See, that degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton IS good for something.
  • “Dead Air” Dave Diamond – a true Classic Rocker, from his studio mood-lighting and candles, to his choices in music.  What a night-time character.
  • Derek Moore – a music encyclopedia, you can’t stump him on any trivia, from Eddie Rabbit to Eddie Van Halen.  Amazing!  Great guy, too.
  • J.D. Chandler – Every guy wishes he had a deeper voice, with the exception of the late Barry White, and J.D Chandler.
  • Harlan Winslow – from his deep knowledge and love of music, to his unique after-dark persona and classic mustache…a true original.
  • James Lee Jobe – he’s a poet away from the studio, but on-air and in the halls the guys’ a constant jokester that matches quality with quantity.
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