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Walt's Best Sushi Restaurants
I'll admit, I'm relatively new to the world of sushi, and there's SO MANY places to explore.  Alas, these are the best that I've visited, and ask that you weigh-in with more suggestions so we can put our chop sticks to good use.

Mikuni. Eight locations near and in Sacramento.
The first local superstar of the sushi craze. Try the "Sake' Don" it's salmon slices over rice. The combo plates have everything. If you don't like sushi, the tempura is great. Plenty of chicken and beef dishes too.

Kamon. 2210 16th St, Sacramento.
My first experience with sushi with a big table of gents in a "Dad's night out."
Loved the spicy tuna rolls and the shrimp tempura. California roll was good. The Godzilla roll..a sesame chicken roll done tempura style was a hit.
Miso, 15th and Broadway, Sacramento.
Across from the historic Tower Theatre. "Sushi and a movie tonight?"
Try the bbq Albacore...tart and sweet. I like the albacore tuna slices dish with jalapeno. Hot oil. I can walk to Miso from my house so extra sake and beer is usally in order.
Blue Nami. 3 locations outside Sacramento.
Cool vibe inside and many of my "suburban living friends" love the place. Gotta get the grilled albacore or flying tiger roll!  Check out the options you get on the Blue Nami "special" for $16.95. Wide selection &  portions for a fair price.
Tex Wasabi's. Sacramento Arden and Howe.
Guy Fieri's place. A bizarre menu that covers anybody's tastes whether it be sushi or whatever. Try the Jackass Roll..or Johnny Garlic's roll. It's Hard Rock Cafe' meets TGI Fridays with a blast of Japan and Texas thrown in. Go check it out for yourself and see if you can figure it out!

So now it's your turn...What are your favorite sushi places?

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Alice's Restaurant open on Thanksgiving
Arlo Guthrie's nearly 20-minute epic tale has become synonymous with Thanksgiving, at least to the thousands of people that call/email/Facebook us demanding we play it on 96.9 The Eagle.  To those folks, we deliver this good news:  it'll air 3 times on 96.9 The Eagle this Thanksgiving (11/22/12).  The other good news:  it's so long that the boss told us (Walt Gray Show) to stay home, and let Arlo replace us for a day (woo hoo, a day off!).

Hear "Alice's Restaurant," by Arlo Guthrie, on 96.9 The Eagle
around 8:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, and 5:00 p.m. Thanksgiving (11/22/12)
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Walt's Best Sports Bars
These are some of my favorite places to venture out when I'm looking to watch multiple games on TV (College or Pro Football, for example) while chowing on "healthy" grub and a few adult beverages.  Share your haunts as well by commenting on this post (below).
Player's, 4060 Sunrise, Fair Oaks.
The longtime king of the suburbia mega sports bars for over 25 years. It's the first place I went to for NFL and Kings games in 1988. Great location at the corner of Sunrise and Fair Oaks.
Firestone Public House, 16th and L, Downtown Sacramento.
The new place. Upscale younger crowd with 60 beers on tap. Short walk to everything else going on later.
MVP's, 21st and L, Downtown Sacramento.
21 screens to see all your teams. They serve all three meals, too. Good place for your team party as well.
Bislas, 7042 Folsom, Sacramento.
Another of the big sports bars that caters to NFL Sundays. 12 big screens and lots of stuff on the menu and drink specials.
Stinger's, 7890 LaRiviera Dr., Sacramento State area.
Great hangout for students and locals. Lots of variety in the bar food and reasonably priced.
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Walt's-"Questions listeners might be asking Kat..about Walt"
So, Kat Maudru is out and about in the community a lot and she gets approached...mostly by men. They've been asking her questions about me, Walt Gray. Things like "If you weren't happily married..would you try to work him?" Or, "What do his incredible abs feel like?" 

We ran through all of these questions and gave them answers in the audio below. 

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Walt's Best Pizza Joints
Who doesn't love a tasty pizza?  Thin crust, deep dish, regular, pan, whatever...I'm in.  I know there's some GREAT pies in town that I haven't even tried, so chime in with your favorites as well (email feedback@eagle969.com or comment at www.Facebook.com/WaltGrayShow).  Here's my fav's:
Zelda's, Sacramento
Deep dish, Chicago-style. The pizza looks like a giant pie. I can eat a whole large regular pizza at other places...but only about two slices of Zelda's. It's meat city.
Hot Italian, Sacramento.
Upscale trendy midtown Italian pizza spot. Gourmet pizza and Italian brews. I always get the "Jovanotti" pizza 'cause i love ham..pepperoni..cheese and mushroom. It's thin crust crispy so i can eat a giant pie myself.
Giovanni's, Sacramento.
I go to the Land Park location. They get all the Little League and Soccer team parties so you may run into 200 kids in there at times...but the pizza is great and they have a nice selection of beer to medicate the parents. NY Style pizza.
Pieces, Sacramento.
A small walk-in joint near downtown where all the action is. It's open till 2:30am on Fridays and Saturdays which has saved me on numerous occasions when i've been in need to soak up a ton of beer. Great big slices of just about anything on it. Awesome.
Buffalo Pizza and Ice Cream, Sacramento.
I've used this place on many occasions for breakfast pizza! People always say...Wtf is breakfast pizza? Instead of red sauce and pepperoni, the toppings are scrambled eggs, cheese and italian sausage or canadian bacon! Try it for your office party and let me know what you think!! It's dee-lish!
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