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Walt's Best Super Bowl Games
1. Super Bowl 3, 1969. NY Jets 16 Baltimore Colts 7. Joe Namath predicted his AFL Jets would shock the NFL Colts, and Broadway Joe put down his cocktail(s) and fur coat long enough to pull it off. This alerted fans that the AFL had arrived. This was one of the biggest sports upsets ever.
2. Super Bowl 4, 1970. KC Chiefs 23 Minnesota 7. Just to drive the point home that the AFL was the equal to the NFL, The Chiefs throttled the heavily favored Vikings so badly that the leagues merged the following year. Until this win...and the Jets the previous year, The NFL viewed the AFL has a nuisance. There would now be one league, the NFL...broken into the AFC/NFC.
3. Super Bowl 18, 1984. L.A. Raiders 38 Washington 9. This was the first Super Bowl game i covered (Tampa). It established my opinion that the QB getting most pregame hype will be outperformed by his "lesser" rival. Jim Plunkett outdueled Joe Thiesmann (hyped) in a game that was over by halftime. The Raiders postgame locker room was as expected.. Matuszak and crew "holding court". Priceless.
4. Super Bowl 23, 1989. SF 49ers 20 Cincinnati 16. My first Super Bowl covering the 49ers (Miami) in a city i left just a year earlier. I got to see old friends and witness Cool Joe working his last minute magic. The Niners had it all going then, and they'd pound Denver the next year 55-10 to win it all. This offense was all Bill Walsh magic. 
5. Super Bowl 36, 2002. New England 20 St. Louis 17. The Rams were "the greatest show on turf" and a 16 point pick over the Pats. This was the beginning of the great Pats run which continues. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick won again in 2004 and 2005. They haven't won since..but they keep sniffing at it. If this run ends with three Super Bowl titles in four years, I'm good. 
Those are my top five Super Bowl games. I've covered three..including Super Bowl 20 in New Orleans.  What's your favorite Super Bowl game as we head to the Niners and Ravens on Sunday?!
 -Walt Gray
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Super Stupid Pool
The Big Game is almost here!  And most parties will have one of those "pick squares on the blank grid and we'll assign numbers that will match up with the final score" pools, those always seem pretty random.  Looking for something that requires a little more skill/knowledge/stupidity?  You're in luck!  We give you the Walt Gray Show's "Super Stupid Pool"! Basically it's a bunch of the type of odd proposition bets Vegas places odds on for the Big Game.  But of course, ours is intended "for entertainment purposes only"!  Download our sheet, print out a stack of 'em for your party, and enjoy the game!

Print your WGS Super Stupid Pools, here:
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Walt's Best Cold & Flu Remedies
Wanted to share a few of my tips, in case they can help you.  As someone who had to anchor 4 1/2 hour TV newscasts with a cough that wouldn't quit, I've had to get creative (pretty distracting for viewers to watch a news anchor gasping for air).  These remedies were compiled through my years of reporting on health issues, and visits with Sacramento are doctors and allergists.
At the onset of a cold; scratchy or sore throat:
     - gargle with warm water and salt.
     -  visit "Harry's Cafe" at 2026 16th St for their "Cold and Flu soup". Chicken, hot pepper and ginger. Awesome! (it could stop your cold before it hits a high gear)
For a cough that won't quite:  Mucinex DM; controls cough and helps break it up.
Warm or cool mist humdifier at night (keeps your throat/air passage moist to reduce aggravating the cough)
Vicks vapo-rub on chest... pull your shirt up over your head to breathe in the vicks vapor from your chest.
Benedryl (or generic) to help you sleep and keep the nasal drainage from going into your lungs.
Don't drink cold fluids. It constricts your air passage. Room temperature water or herbal mint tea is good.

You may also ask your doc to prescribe the cough pill "Benzonatate" which dulls the cough reflex.
Also get tested for allergies if you have a cough that lasts for weeks during certain times of the year.
Recent studies by the National Chest Foundation have shown that cough medicines are of no help. There were many times in the winter where i was throwing "all of the above" at my cough. In my case...having exhausted many of the above remedies, i was tested for allergies (none) and prescribed Prednisone as a last resort for a cough that lasted for weeks with no way of stopping it. I have had great success with it, but use it as little as possible.
I did get a flu shot this year. I didn't last year.
Kat says when you have a stuffy nose, just blow one nostril at a time...and gently!!
Those are my cold and flu season suggestions. What are yours???   -Walt
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Walt's Best Classic Rock Albums
My ten favorite classic rock albums of all time... albums I wore out!
1. "Joshua Tree" U2. (1987). This was blasting away in my Porsche when i was just arriving in Sacramento as a KCRA Sportscaster. This brings back memories of driving out to Bobby McGee's on Sunrise Blvd or to the Confetti nightclub across from Arden Mall. TGI Fridays was another hot meeting spot at Hurley and Howe. This album is the time stamp to my early days in Sacramento. Top songs; "With or without you", "Where the streets have no name" and "i still haven't found what I'm looking for".
2. "Sweet Baby James" James Taylor (1970). I guess this is where i learned that i was a fool for acoustical balladeers. Nobody better at stirring feelings and memories than JT. "Fire and Rain", Country Road" and the title track "Sweet Baby James". These were also JT's Carly Simon days. All good. I saw JT play at Cal-Expo about twenty years ago.
3. "Hot Rocks" the Rolling Stones (1971). It was their first compilation album so to purists it may not count as a new release, but this was a four-sided album of all their best stuff to date. I wore this album out too. "Ruby Tuesday", "Paint it Black", "Midnight Rambler", "Can't always get what you want", "Brown Sugar" etc etc etc. I was just into my teen years so i had missed the early Stones albums so this was my introduction. Blew me away. I saw the Stones at Arco Arena about twelve years ago. Front row seats. Great night.
4. "The Captain and Me" Doobie Brothers (1973). San Jose's finest. This got me thinking about not just how cool California was (at the time) but who'd ever heard of Ukiah before this album? Every song on this album kicked ass. "Long Train Runnin", "China Grove", "South City Midnight Lady" and "Ukiah".
5. "Searchin' for a Rainbow" Marshall Tucker Band (1975). My college roommate, Jack Stein had this in his heavy rotation. I'd never heard of MTB. Everybody was overdosing on Springsteen then. This hooked me on Toy Caldwell and Doug Gray to this day. "Fire on the Mountain", "Can't You see" and the title "Searchin' for a Rainbow" on an album with the best cover artwork I've seen. I met Doug Gray at O'Hare airport in Chicago a couple of months ago as we were both on the same flight. I was like a giggy schoolgirl. Meeting him was on my bucket list. I saw MTB play the X-Fest in Modesto about five years ago.
6. "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" Elton John (1973). I bought this album a couple of years after it's release and we'd crank the volume to "10" before we'd roll out to play our high school basketball games. Amazing work by ol' Reginald Dwight. "Saturday nights allright for fighting", "Candle in the wind", Funeral for a Friend".
7.  "Crosby, Stills and Nash" CS&N (1969). Their first album and it was huge. What a cool new sound. "Marrakesh Express" was the big single, but the harmony in "Suite; Judy Blue Eyes" remains one of my favorites that i still have in my car. "Wooden Ships" and "Helplessly Hoping" all bring back fond memories of a family visit to a lake in Maine that summer when this album came out.
8. "1984" Van Halen (1984). David Lee Roth and Eddie V put this thing together and it was at the peak of my years in Ft Myers, Florida. We put the album on before we went to a club...or to play for the company softball team, or for any reason. "Jump", "Panama", "Hot for Teacher". This album was a monster, and at the time, so was D.L. Roth.
9. "Pretzel Logic" Steely Dan (1974).  Love the classic jazz-rock fusion. Unique pair in Fagen-Becker. While "Reelin' in the years" is one of my favorite classic rock hits, it's not on this album. 'Rikki Don't Lost That Number", "Barrytown" and "Any Major Dude" are. I saw Steely Dan at Shoreline amphitheature in '94. Great show, but everybody went to grab a beer when Walter Becker started doing some of his solo stuff.
10. "Fleetwood Mac" Fleetwood Mac (1975). "Landslide" is on this album which has a bearing on why this album is on my list. My rule is this song can only be played late at night when you've had a few. It gets me thinking about where i am in life and who i am. Maybe you have one song that does that. Stevie Nicks, I'm certain, is singing to me. Other reasons i wore this album out are "Monday morning", "Rhiannon" and "Over my head". I caught Fleetwood Mac at Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Marysville about 8 years ago. Stevie and Lindsey still pulled it off. Much is still being pulled from their relationship years.
You will notice there are no Beatles albums on this list. I was more Elvis than the Beatles. I had the Beatles albums, but back then you had to "identify" if you were "Elvis...or Beatles".
Those are my top ten classic rock albums of all time. What are yours??   -Walt Gray
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Walt's Best Fine Dining
Dressed to impress, with taste-buds craving something exquisite...when I'm looking for a big night out with the Mrs., these are the places I consider:
BIBA; 2801 Capitol Ave.
Biba is still the best....a legend. It's my families favorite restaurant and they live in New England! My job interview dinner in January, 1988 was here. I had Veal Bolognese. I go at least once a year with my parents and wife to have a fantastic italian dinner. The calamari is the best anywhere. With all the new eateries in the region..and downtown...it's a challenge for Biba to draw upscale diners. No matter, she's still tops. 
FIREHOUSE; Old Sacramento.
It's the oldest fine dining spot in Sacramento and a hidden gem for those who haven't done this one. Pure class. Make sure you leave room for dessert...and a beverage later at the nearby "Back Door" lounge which is located...well...out the back door of the Firehouse. This is a huge Valentine's night spot.
ENOTRIA; 1431 Del Paso Blvd.
Not exactly the location you'd expect to find the best overall restaurant in greater Sacramento (per Sac Bee 2012) but it's way cool inside and well worth the trip down campy Del Paso Blvd. Attention to detail on the food, service and an out of control wine list.
FRANK FATS; 806 L St, Sacramento.
I've enjoyed the brandy fried chicken at Frank's many times. I ran into the late Frank Fat himself there in the late 80's and he said to me "how's the weather gonna be tomorrow?". He must've confused me with Bette Vasquez. Many laws were written there on a cocktail napkin after many cocktails.
MOXIE; 2028 H. St.
You'd never know what was on the inside of this place by looking at the outside. A great, fun dining experenice thanks to owners Bill and Adam. If it's not on the menu, they'll make it for you. Great wines and limited seating make this a romantic night.

Also on my Sacramento list to enjoy in 2013:
►  WATERBOY; 2000 Capitol.
►  ELLA; 1131 K St.
►  MULVANEY's B&L; 1215 9th St.
►  KITCHEN; 2225 Hurley Way.
►  TULI; 2031 S St.
►  GRANGE; 926 J St.
►  SPATARO; 1415 L. St.

Tell us what places you like to go when you're stepping out.

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Walt's Best Breakfast Spots
Who doesn't love the occasional treat?  Getting up on a Saturday morning, throwing on a hat and a t-shirt to cover up the sleepy-head, and taking the family to breakfast.  Here are our favorites:

AVIATORS Restaurant, at Sac Metro Airport.
Sort of an unknown to the general public, I take the kids there on Saturday mornings to let Mom get some sleep. You can have your pancakes and waffles and watch the small planes take off and land. The place has a 60's Tahoe feel. Nice breakfast discount for those 55+.
PANCAKE CIRCUS, 2101 Broadway, Sacramento.
Who wouldn't want to eat breakfast with a bunch of clowns? Great pancakes. Check out the olde tyme circus gumball machine. A Land Park area tradition.
WAFFLE SQUARE, 1825 10th St., Sacramento across from Old Ironsides Bar.
Michelle is a great waitress and it's aways nice and warm in there. You get a big plate for your buck.
FOX and GOOSE, 1001 R. St Sacramento.
More expensive but a nice splurge once in a bit. The breakfast menu is amazing. I get the British banger sausage omelette with english cheese and rye toast. It's the best in town. Love the tangy cheese.
LUCKY CAFE, 1111 21st St Sacramento.
I was told when I moved to Sacramento to get myself over to "Lucky" for a weekend breakfast. It's a destination spot for anyone in the midtown-East Sac area. Great eggs and pancakes.
Those are my family's top five breakfast spots. What are yours?
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