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Walt's Best Local TV News Anchors
My Top Five Local TV News Anchors. Criteria includes market longevity and field reporting skills (names interchangable)
*Edie Lambert  KCRA 3.
 The lead station's most tenured news anchor who knows the value of community work.
A true passion for getting stories right. One of the markets best reporters for years when she was out in the field starting in 1995. She can write/report/anchor/go live in the field. She cares about the product and the people watching.
*Cristina Mendonsa KXTV 10.
Steady star quality and the face of the local ABC station since she started in 1995. Viewers often remark about the twinkle in her eye. Great fashion sense. Is the equal of any on the anchor desk but hasn't worked a regular reporter shift except for special assignments. Would be a star in any city. News10 is lucky she's stuck around. 
*Deirdre Fitzpatrick KCRA 3
 An Emmy winner as best anchor in the Sacramento AND San Francisco markets. Fitz has a great journalistic background from the U. of Missouri. Can write with the best of any network reporter. She's a mainstay of the station's Olympic coverage from anywhere in the world.
The only downside to her being tethered to the morning anchor desk is we don't see her live reporting on the evening newscasts. She's been at KCRA since '97.
*Sam Shane  KOVR 13
 A true veteran of broadcast journalism who's probably the most experienced anchor...and reporter in the market.
A standout at KCRA who after a stint at KGO/San Francisco became a daytime fixture as a news anchor on MSNBC.
He has the look and polish (and voice) of what news management calls a "command anchor". I think he's one the best reporters in the country. If he'd chosen that path, I have no doubt he'd be on 60 Minutes.
*Chris Riva KCRA 3. Why? He's the market's "Mr. Versatile". His regular week includes anchoring the weekend evening newscasts AND reporting on breaking news during the weekdays AND anchoring sportscasts when Del Rogers is off AND handling sports field reporting as well. He could be covering a live pot bust in El Dorado County one day AND the local prep baseball playoffs the next. He could probably do a weather forecast too.
Those are my top five and why. Your thoughts?
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Walt's Best St. Patty's Day Hangouts
St. Patty's day falls on a Sunday this year. Bummer for businesses that prefer it on a weekday. Maybe an act of Congress can move the holiday to the third Friday in March so it's guaranteed to stimulate the economy?  My top places to go this weekend to celebrate St. Patrick's.
*Old Sacramento. The 17th annual Old Sac St. Patty's parade starts at 1pm on Saturday. 60 marching units and 1000 members. It's free! After the parade, make sure you hit O'Mally's Irish pub for some beverages. The blue cheeseburger with bacon is worth the stop anytime. www.oldsacramento.com
*Boxing Donkey Irish Pub, 300 Lincoln in Roseville. They start serving on St Patty's day at 6am! Live music all day. This place has become a destination spot for all of Roseville/Rocklin/Granite Bay. The Schubert family knows how to run a pub. www.theboxingdonkey.com. Old town Roseville is getting a bunch of pubs together.. check it out!
*DeVere's Irish Pub, 1531 L St Sacramento. What a true Irish pub run by real Irish! This spot has become a true destination for all who haunt downtown. The beer selection is excellent, and the food is authentic irish. Try the beef stew and the lamb sliders. Deelish. www.deverespub.com
*Bonn Lair Pub, 3651 J St Sacramento. Great neighborhood bar with excellent stouts. Like any St Pat's destination, get your bowl full of corned beef and cabbage.l
*Gallagher's Irish Pub, 1201 K St Sacramento. One of the old time downtown pubs that moved to a new location a few years back. They boast 30 single malt Irish and Scotch whiskeys avail.
Other St. Pat's hot spots;
East Sacramento-Club 2-Me, Chargins and Pine Cove.
Land Park area-Jamie's and Riverside Clubhouse.
Auburn-the Power Club. www.powerclubauburn.com
Those are my reccomendations for this weekend. Got any hot spots i don't know about yet?
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My Top Five Classic Rock Hits

My top five classic rock hits. I could easily do a top-25, but I know you're busy.

*"Over the Hills and Far Away", Led Zeppelin (1973). "Houses of the Holy" album. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at their commercial best. It's a tune i hear frequently on the EAGLE and it never gets old to me.

*"The Voice", Moody Blues. (1981). "Long Distance Voyager" album. This peaked at #15 on Billboard. Very mystical. I caught the Moody Blues (by chance) at Caesar's Tahoe while skiing about 13 years ago. Awesome.

*"Love the One You're With" (1970) Stephen Stills solo album. Many think this was an original CS&N hit. Nope. The band did record it on the 4 Way Street album several years later. The line "love the one you're with" was credited as a frequent line said by Billy Preston. A mantra for the free love era. Girlfriend out of town? No problem!

*"Landslide" Stevie Nicks. (1975). "Fleetwood Mac" album. This song was about Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. My rule on this song is it can only be played at night when you have a chance to kick back and listen. Preferably after midnight when you're properly marinated. It sparks a fair amount of retrospective in me. I think about a lot of people i knew and other stuff... mostly good. The band is back in Sacramento July 6th. I saw them in '98 at Sleep Train Amphitheater.

*"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (1987) U2. "The Joshua Tree" album. Made it to #1. Probably the best album I've ever heard top to bottom. The lyrics of this song were pretty poignant in my life because i wasn't sure I'd ever find anyone I'd want to end up with....or find that great job. I still hadn't found what i was looking for. It was the epitome of lyrics that i could completely feel. I saw U2 at Arco Arena about 20 years ago.

Those are my tops. How about your favorite?

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