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Posts from June 2013

Walt's Best (or HOTTEST) Female Lead Singers

BELINDA CARLISLE. "Go-Go's". An MTV sensation who was an absolute doll. Hits like "Mad about You" and "Heaven on Earth". California girl who's still performing. Now 54.
KATY PERRY. Current hit monster. She's the "it girl" both musically and on video. The total package. A plus she's not dating John Mayer anymore. I'm sure he'll tell us all about it. 
GWEN STEFANI. No doubt about Gwen...she ain't no Hollaback Girl!. She's Katy Perry ten years ago and still hot at 43.
STEVIE NICKS. Still sultry in her 60's, Stevie was about as sizzling as one can get starting in the mid-70's. What a different voice with the face of an angel.  
SUSANNA HOFFS "The Bangles". Another California girl who's also now 54 and still on the road. Remember "Walk like an Egyptian"? 
just missing;
*PATTY SMYTH. "Scandal". Mrs. John McEnroe.
*DEBBIE HARRY "Blondie" Now 67.
*WHITNEY HOUSTON. Before the coke, Bobby Brown and the coke.
*ANN-MARGRET. My first crush. Viva Las Vegas with Elvis, 1964.
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Walt's Best, no, WORST TV Dads of all-time
To celebrate Father's Day, I bring you my list of the five WORST TV Dads of all-time. It's infinately more interesting than a list of "BEST" TV Dads !
*Red Forman (Kurtwood Smith) from "That 70's Show". Snarky. His charachter was right out of central casting.
Navy combat veteran, beer drinking, tv watching, power tool using, hunting and fishing guy. He always treated his kids as if they were idiots unless proven otherwise. He rode son Eric like a mule...calling him "pathetic".
*Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill) "Married with Children". Has two unmanageable kids and Peggy his wife who spends whatever little money he has. Al only cared about the fact that he was a prep football star and how his life was ruined by his family. His kids are a train wreck. His son Bud was named after the beer.
*Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Connor) "All in the Family". A fine example to his only daughter about the fine art of racism and prejudice. He was every child's worst nightmare as a Dad. I knew a few guys like this growing up in the shadow of New York City.
*Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller). "Seinfeld". No wonder why son George turned out that way. Frank was always pissed off at something and turned George into a neurotic wreck.  
*Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) "Entourage". Are all talent agents like this?? Isn't it a 24/7 job if you want the big $?  Ari Gold can only be true to himself and his profession. Rarely home for his two kids, he eventually cheats on wife Melissa. His character is neurotic and well played by Piven. 
How about your list?!  -Walt
Honorable Mention; Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont) "Leave it to Beaver". Did you see the deleted episode where Ward came home from the office after a pay cut and whipped ass on The Beave and Wally? I missed it too. Just kidding. I'd also love to have seen his reaction if he ever came home and found wife June with Eddie Haskell. Now that's good Nick at Nite TV.    

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Walt's Best: Kings Heads Cases
My DeMarcus Cousins-inspired list of greatest Kings head cases of all-time.  With D-Cousins getting his 439th chance to prove himself an adult, i reflect on Kings players who were a huge pain in the ass at different points in their careers. They're all big men!  The criteria is to have been difficult to coach/not live up to potential/just acting stupid.
*DeMarcus Cousins. (2010-Present). The old term "million dollar talent and ten cent head" applies. He ran Paul Westphal. a decent man, out of town. Keith Smart did not get the backing to discipline him. New coach Mike Malone has to hammer him right away. If Demarcus doesn't finish his vegeatbles, that's a $5,000 fine. If he misses layups in practice, it's $1,000 per miss. If he so much as looks at somebody funny, that's $5,000. Whether DeMarcus knows it or not, it's his nature it to see what he can get away with. He should get no latitude.
*Olden Polynice. ('94-'98) The legendary O.P.! He once grabbed a BEE sportswriter by the shirt on the team bus. Olden has also been arrested twice for impersonating a police officer..not that there are many seven foot cops. He also got busted for waving a gun at his girlfriend. He reminds me lots of Jawann Oldham, who's also on this list.
*Ben Gillery. ('88-'89) I was told by another player that Gillery spent a lot of time sitting on the toilet and eating hotdogs. At practice. I don't know if Ben was hiding in there, but i'm pretty sure nobody else eats hotdogs while going #2. Gillery was on the team because Bill Russell was friends with Georgetown coach John Thompson where Gillery (barely) played. How do you sit the bench in college but land in the NBA? Only on the Kings.
*Jawann Oldham ('87-'88) Unpredicatable and moody. Once sucker-punched the lovable 7'7" 210lb Manute Bol because Manute dunked on him. When later asked if he was afraid of Oldham, Manute said "I once had to kill a lion when i was younger. Do u think anyone scares me?"
*Duane Causwell ('90-'97) Causie was pretty lazy and had no offensive game. There were long stretches when he missed dunks on a regular basis which is hard for somebody seven feet tall to do. He could block shots and finished his career in Miami. Cops once found a bag of pot under the seat of his car. Causie then produced a cousin who said it was his. That was original. 
Any other bizarre Kings players I missed??
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