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Walt's Best-Things to do with the family this summer that you may not know about
*Old Sac Underground Tour. This hasn't been going on for too long, so it's still fresh. Plus, it's a cool way to beat the heat, learn about city history from 150 years ago, then head to O'Mally's for an awesome blue cheeseburger. And a lager.
*Sacramento Children's Museum. It's the area's newest museum for children. Kids learn by doing. Exhibits, art projects, water features. 2701 Prospect Drive, Rancho Cordova. 
*Art Beast. We've visited this old victorian place several times. Kids can paint, play dress up, make pottery and go in the back yard and get in the sand. Good place to have your kids birthday party too. 2226 K St. Sacramento.
*Land Park Stuff;  Funderland amusement park, the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale town all right next to each other. One stop to kill a whole day with Junior. Bingo. 3930 West Land Park Dr.
*Soil Born Farms. It's a real farm that produces and delivers seasonal fruits and veggies to your door. It also has summer classes that teach kids the importance of food and health. 2140 Chase Drive, Rancho Cordova. www.soilborn.org
These suggestions and more in this month's KIDAROUND MAGAZINE. www.Kidaroundmag.org
My family is on the cover this month!!!
How about suggestions from you????
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Walt's Best Sacramento Riverfront Casual Dining Spots for Summer!
Old Sacramento:
*Rio City Cafe. My wife and I sat outside for dinner last month and the view of the Tower Bridge and river was great. It almost felt like SF. Almost. We enjoyed it so much that we were late picking up the kids from a movie.
*Joe's Crab Shack. Same view as Rio City Cafe, but not as fancy and maybe a bit louder of a crowd because our kids will be there. Great fried food menu and selections good for the whole family.
Garden Highway area:
*Virgin Sturgeon. The walk down the old airport runway is worth it. Great spot on the river for casual eats, great drinks (Mark the bartender is #1) and the Sunday breakfast will cure whatever you did to yourself the night before.
*Crawdad's. It's been moored there as a floating barge since 1986. I didn't get there until 1988 but i've dropped a few bucks there, especially on weekend nights. We had the Eagle radio Christmas party there in 1992. Kat was wearing a tremendously short black leather skirt. That's all I recall. Sorry.
*Swabbie's. Lots of weekend action at Swabbie's. Folks come via car or boat and watch out for Pirates. You could literally spend hours there drinking, eating, people watching or boating. A great spot to end a motorcycle ride too.
Honorable mention:
*Alamar. Another of the Garden Highway spots. Highly recommended.
*Scott's Seafood. The one at 4800 Riverside Blvd near I-5 and Sutterville. More $$ but worth it on date night.
*Pearl on the River. 1379 Garden Highway near Natomas. Great view and large portions for your $.
Those are my favorite waterfront spots for casual fun. Yours?
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