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Walt's Best, no, WORST TV Moms, ever

1. Kate Gosselin; "Jon and Kate Plus 8". I have to admit, i think she's hot until she starts talking. She has a one-track mind...it's all about her. What are these kids going to end up being like with cameras following them around is all they know? Kate complains all the time. It's grating...but we watch.
2. Betty Draper; "Mad Men". She takes her cue from Joan Crawford. She may be the worst Mom ever. Threatening to cut off her daughter's finger? Throwing her son in the closet after he was caught smoking? (she chain smokes).
3. Wilma Flintstone and Jane Jetson (tie). Wilma was always leaving Pebbles and Bam Bam alone in the rock house. Dino was the babysitter! Jane Jetson had a robot for a maid! She wasn't in the show much...my suspicion is that she was trying to pleasure Mr. Spacely to give George a raise! 
4. Peg Bundy; "Married...with Children". She didn't cook or clean and was a bad wife and didn't care. She had no ambition and no job. She raised two brats by her fine example. She was created to be one of the worst TV Moms ever, and was.
5. Mrs. Estelle Costanza; "Seinfeld". My God, she was awful...she just badgered her son George to death. She delivered one of the best lines I've ever heard when she caught George "pleasuring" himself. She told her husband that George "was treating his body like an amusement park!" Awesome.  
Those are my top five worst TV Moms of all time. Yours?


05/08/2013 9:30AM
Walt's Best, no, WORST TV Moms, ever
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05/08/2013 6:46PM
Marie Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond
To have that meddling day after day and right across the street! Oh my gosh! At least she was funny!
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