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Walt's Best BBQ Enhancements

Time to clean that grill to start the Summer BBQ season. Memorial Day weekend!!


Here are my best BBQ enhancements!


*Pappy's Seasoning. Find it at Smart&Final and Save Mart. Some Food Maxx's too. www.Pappyschoice.com. It's a great sub for salt. Use on fish, chicken, steak. It has a cult following. It's deelish.


*Meat marinade packets from McCormick's. I marinade all my steaks in a packet of McCormick's and people always ask for my "secret". It turns your steak into a food tasting vacation! I can't eat steak anymore without it. Safeway has a decent generic meat marinade packet that works too.


*Burgers? Add good, sharp blue cheese into the meat before you grill. Not the cheap crumbly kind. You'll see!


*Cheese? Don't skimp. Use real cheese not the nonfat or 2% stuff. Go for extra sharp cheddar or a strong cheese that adds distinction. Holiday weekends are not a time to worry about calories. It's about flavor. You're the grillmaster. It's your ass and reputation on the line! Go deep.


*Beer. Good beer... show off your selection of properly iced IPA's and Craft beers. Don't do the predictable domestic light beers and the stuff on sale at Safeway. Go for it. Get a funny label like "Arrogant Bastard". I suggest "Brother Thelonius".  It's a holiday weekend... don't get a cheap beer buzz.


You got some secret tips to pass along???


p.s. go with sturdy paper plates and recycle. i hate washing dishes on holidays. or any days.

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05/22/2013 10:28AM
Walt's Best BBQ Enhancements
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