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Walt's Best, Underrated Rolling Stones Songs

 *Paint it Black. 1968. "Aftermath" album. The first #1 single to feature a sitar. I was living in India at the time and music there is all about the sitar. Still brings back great memories of that time for me when i hear it.
*Rocks Off. 1972. "Exile on Main Street" album. Pure rock song with a great horn section. It's like listening to a tailgate party on a '45 single.
*Wild Horses. 1971. "Sticky Fingers" album. Only reached #28 on Billboard that year, but Mick's ex-wife Jerry Hall says it's her fave Stones hit.
*Sympathy for the Devil. 1968. "Beggars Banquet" album. The history of mainkind from Lucifer's point of view. It was written right after Robert F Kennedy was shot..which was right after Dr King was shot and four years after JFK was shot. I was wondering myself if the USA was turning into target practice for anyone willing to say anything.
*Time waits for no one. 1974. "It's only rock and roll" album. This song has never been done live, nor should it without Mick Taylor. This was the final album with Taylor as his lack of credit for writing the song was one of the last straws to him leaving.

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05/01/2013 11:36AM
Walt's Best, Underrated Rolling Stones Songs
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05/01/2013 9:44PM
"Paint It Black" has never been "Underrated".
You should go back to India.
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