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Walt's Best Breakfast Spots

Who doesn't love the occasional treat?  Getting up on a Saturday morning, throwing on a hat and a t-shirt to cover up the sleepy-head, and taking the family to breakfast.  Here are our favorites:

AVIATORS Restaurant, at Sac Metro Airport.
Sort of an unknown to the general public, I take the kids there on Saturday mornings to let Mom get some sleep. You can have your pancakes and waffles and watch the small planes take off and land. The place has a 60's Tahoe feel. Nice breakfast discount for those 55+.
PANCAKE CIRCUS, 2101 Broadway, Sacramento.
Who wouldn't want to eat breakfast with a bunch of clowns? Great pancakes. Check out the olde tyme circus gumball machine. A Land Park area tradition.
WAFFLE SQUARE, 1825 10th St., Sacramento across from Old Ironsides Bar.
Michelle is a great waitress and it's aways nice and warm in there. You get a big plate for your buck.
FOX and GOOSE, 1001 R. St Sacramento.
More expensive but a nice splurge once in a bit. The breakfast menu is amazing. I get the British banger sausage omelette with english cheese and rye toast. It's the best in town. Love the tangy cheese.
LUCKY CAFE, 1111 21st St Sacramento.
I was told when I moved to Sacramento to get myself over to "Lucky" for a weekend breakfast. It's a destination spot for anyone in the midtown-East Sac area. Great eggs and pancakes.
Those are my family's top five breakfast spots. What are yours?

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01/02/2013 10:57AM
Walt's Best Breakfast Spots
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01/02/2013 4:50PM
Aviators is great
Love your recommendation on Aviators. We ate there regularly after landing LiveCopter 3 just a hundred yards away! BUT, it's at Sacramento EXECUTIVE Airport, not "Metro". Some may get confused. But, as usual, great choice!
01/02/2013 5:43PM
best breakfast spot
We love The Train Station in Shingle Springs. It is a little local joint that has been there forever.. The waitresses are fun and friendly.. remind me of alice and flo from Mel's diner on the television show Alice.. Just a home town type of place.
01/02/2013 6:14PM
Best Breakfast Spot
Try the chicken fried steak with eggs, and biscuits and gravy at Black Bear Restaurant. Absolutely the best.
01/02/2013 6:43PM
Charlie's café
Best biscuits and gravy around for a great prise. Great family atmosphere.
01/02/2013 8:10PM
Best Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Alonzo's Stockton Blvd at Fruitridge
When we have a taste for Huevos Rancheros this is the spot. As you eat on the weekend people some times bring in pots to pick up Menudo to go. We have been ordering this so long that the place has been remodeled twice. For Hash, The Guiness Corned Beef Hash at the SHACK on Folsom Blvd. For Eggs Benedict some great choices Cafe Bernardo, Pronto, and Ettores are all great choices. Hard to go wrong with the Variety at Cafe Bernardo but for the more open minded the specials at the Shack can be interesting.
01/02/2013 8:12PM
Tower Cafe
Has great food and u can eat in the foilage drenched patio...!
01/02/2013 8:33PM
Awful Annie's
Lincoln & Auburn - Fantastic breakfast!!
01/03/2013 3:56AM
Venita Rhea
Pricey, but wonderful comfort food. Try any of the French toasts.
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