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Walt's Best Dive Bars

These places aren't known for their comfortable seating, fantastic views, or celebrity guest lists.  There aren't elaborate food menus, or fancy wall decorations.  I'm talking about old-time, traditional, neiborhood hangouts, sans frills.  Dive Bars!  And, to be clear, this is a compliment for these establishments...love the comfort of an "old haunt."  Here's my suggestions (in no particular order):
Drytown Club, Drytown.
It's a roadhouse in the middle of nowhere. I love it. Motorcycles... BBQ & Blues on the weekends. The Leather Souls playing. Slice of heaven.
Pine Cove Tavern, East Sacramento.
I've had my share of Pabst there. It was the "KCRA Clubhouse" during our softball days.
Club 2Me, East Sacramento.
The great neighborhood bar. An annual reunion spot at Thanksgiving for all who grew up there. Great bartenders.
The Back Door, Old Sacramento.
The ghosts of Mel Torme and Frank Sinatra are at the bar. It's a welcome trip back to the 50's. Live piano. Lots of characters.
Liar's Bench, Placerville.
Definately haunted by the dead and not dead. I loves me some Placerville and this is a spot to find out what's really going on.
Main Event, Jackson.
Any excuse to get to Main Street in Jackson works for me. Next stop, the National Hotel down the street.
SoCal's, East Sacramento.
Great hangout...play trivia on the TV monitors or the shuffle board and billiards are kickin' in the back room.
Virgin Sturgeon, Sacramento (on Sacramento River).
Boat up in your craft... check out the view and other scenery. No better spot in the summer.
Cheater's, East Sacramento.
Not the biggest bar i've spent money in, but it's chummy. It was the first dive bar i took my future wife too. A Pittsburgh Steelers fan hangout.   
Torch Club, Sacramento.
Awesome tradition.... great cocktails and live music. Sit back and enjoy some Blues. 
Bonus Picks;
Flame Club and Monte Carlo, Sacramento. Tough to pick just one. They're so close to each other, you can easily stumble to both. Good stop for those heading to...or from places like the Mix or Republic.

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10/31/2012 11:24AM
Walt's Best Dive Bars
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10/31/2012 11:38AM
Dive Bar
Still laughing about the Liars Bench.. That place is really a dive.. same old guys sitting on the same old bar stool for the past 30 years.. You left out The Purple Place , that is a great dive.
10/31/2012 11:39AM
The Back Door
My first "official" memory was Sept 21, 1979, my 21st birthday, where, on Friday nights, apparently, several newscasters would spend the break between the 6pm and 11 pm newscasts. I don't remember their names!
10/31/2012 12:35PM
My Fav
Cedar Room in Carmichael. SoCal in East Sac.
10/31/2012 2:28PM
Dive Bar
Norseman Lounge in Ranco Cordova....step back in time!!!!
10/31/2012 6:17PM
If you like SoCal you need to go across the street to the Hilltop
10/31/2012 9:11PM
Great food & cold 24 oz Pabst cans
11/01/2012 8:01AM
Everybody's Inn Foresthill.
The owner has a loyal following and has willed her establishment to her regular customers with a stipulation her cats are cared for. Great little place located approx 10 miles from I-80 on the Foresthill Divide Rd. on the way to the town of Foresthill about six miles up the road.
11/01/2012 8:04AM
Dive Bars
Stockman Club in Fair Oaks; San Juan Club in Fair Oaks; The Raven, Sacramento; The Swiss Buda, Sacramento, Love the Show and the Music. Bob Gorham
11/01/2012 8:21AM
Local Diner or dive Restarant
Anyone know of a Diner or Dive in Rancho Cordova that has excellent breakfasts? And/or lunch & dinner? Just a hangout style place to meet up with friends.
11/01/2012 9:56AM
Chargins on game nights is a blast!!!
11/01/2012 11:48AM
Al the Wops or Giusti's in the Delta
11/01/2012 4:40PM
Meets all the criteria and some more. Usually one old guy or gal at the end of the bar been there since noon, conscience or not. Pool table favors the right corner pocket near the bar. What a great bar, had the best time! Hwy 104 In Ione about 10 mi outside of Jackson.
11/03/2012 8:53AM
The Mushroom
Rosemont's bar is a real contender.
11/12/2012 6:28AM
Walt Gray Show
We love the Walt Gray Show. My wife and I really missed Mark and Brian but now we are enjoying Walt and Cat with the Northern California flavor. The only negative is the bell, it sounds just like an I-Phone.
11/13/2012 7:18AM
The Bell
Like the Walt & Kat show but please stop ringing the bell.
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