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Walt's Best-Things to do with the family this summer that you may not know about

*Old Sac Underground Tour. This hasn't been going on for too long, so it's still fresh. Plus, it's a cool way to beat the heat, learn about city history from 150 years ago, then head to O'Mally's for an awesome blue cheeseburger. And a lager.
*Sacramento Children's Museum. It's the area's newest museum for children. Kids learn by doing. Exhibits, art projects, water features. 2701 Prospect Drive, Rancho Cordova. 
*Art Beast. We've visited this old victorian place several times. Kids can paint, play dress up, make pottery and go in the back yard and get in the sand. Good place to have your kids birthday party too. 2226 K St. Sacramento.
*Land Park Stuff;  Funderland amusement park, the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale town all right next to each other. One stop to kill a whole day with Junior. Bingo. 3930 West Land Park Dr.
*Soil Born Farms. It's a real farm that produces and delivers seasonal fruits and veggies to your door. It also has summer classes that teach kids the importance of food and health. 2140 Chase Drive, Rancho Cordova. www.soilborn.org
These suggestions and more in this month's KIDAROUND MAGAZINE. www.Kidaroundmag.org
My family is on the cover this month!!!
How about suggestions from you????
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Walt's Best Sacramento Riverfront Casual Dining Spots for Summer!

Old Sacramento:
*Rio City Cafe. My wife and I sat outside for dinner last month and the view of the Tower Bridge and river was great. It almost felt like SF. Almost. We enjoyed it so much that we were late picking up the kids from a movie.
*Joe's Crab Shack. Same view as Rio City Cafe, but not as fancy and maybe a bit louder of a crowd because our kids will be there. Great fried food menu and selections good for the whole family.
Garden Highway area:
*Virgin Sturgeon. The walk down the old airport runway is worth it. Great spot on the river for casual eats, great drinks (Mark the bartender is #1) and the Sunday breakfast will cure whatever you did to yourself the night before.
*Crawdad's. It's been moored there as a floating barge since 1986. I didn't get there until 1988 but i've dropped a few bucks there, especially on weekend nights. We had the Eagle radio Christmas party there in 1992. Kat was wearing a tremendously short black leather skirt. That's all I recall. Sorry.
*Swabbie's. Lots of weekend action at Swabbie's. Folks come via car or boat and watch out for Pirates. You could literally spend hours there drinking, eating, people watching or boating. A great spot to end a motorcycle ride too.
Honorable mention:
*Alamar. Another of the Garden Highway spots. Highly recommended.
*Scott's Seafood. The one at 4800 Riverside Blvd near I-5 and Sutterville. More $$ but worth it on date night.
*Pearl on the River. 1379 Garden Highway near Natomas. Great view and large portions for your $.
Those are my favorite waterfront spots for casual fun. Yours?
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Walt's Best (or HOTTEST) Female Lead Singers

BELINDA CARLISLE. "Go-Go's". An MTV sensation who was an absolute doll. Hits like "Mad about You" and "Heaven on Earth". California girl who's still performing. Now 54.
KATY PERRY. Current hit monster. She's the "it girl" both musically and on video. The total package. A plus she's not dating John Mayer anymore. I'm sure he'll tell us all about it. 
GWEN STEFANI. No doubt about Gwen...she ain't no Hollaback Girl!. She's Katy Perry ten years ago and still hot at 43.
STEVIE NICKS. Still sultry in her 60's, Stevie was about as sizzling as one can get starting in the mid-70's. What a different voice with the face of an angel.  
SUSANNA HOFFS "The Bangles". Another California girl who's also now 54 and still on the road. Remember "Walk like an Egyptian"? 
just missing;
*PATTY SMYTH. "Scandal". Mrs. John McEnroe.
*DEBBIE HARRY "Blondie" Now 67.
*WHITNEY HOUSTON. Before the coke, Bobby Brown and the coke.
*ANN-MARGRET. My first crush. Viva Las Vegas with Elvis, 1964.
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Walt's Best, no, WORST TV Dads of all-time

To celebrate Father's Day, I bring you my list of the five WORST TV Dads of all-time. It's infinately more interesting than a list of "BEST" TV Dads !
*Red Forman (Kurtwood Smith) from "That 70's Show". Snarky. His charachter was right out of central casting.
Navy combat veteran, beer drinking, tv watching, power tool using, hunting and fishing guy. He always treated his kids as if they were idiots unless proven otherwise. He rode son Eric like a mule...calling him "pathetic".
*Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill) "Married with Children". Has two unmanageable kids and Peggy his wife who spends whatever little money he has. Al only cared about the fact that he was a prep football star and how his life was ruined by his family. His kids are a train wreck. His son Bud was named after the beer.
*Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Connor) "All in the Family". A fine example to his only daughter about the fine art of racism and prejudice. He was every child's worst nightmare as a Dad. I knew a few guys like this growing up in the shadow of New York City.
*Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller). "Seinfeld". No wonder why son George turned out that way. Frank was always pissed off at something and turned George into a neurotic wreck.  
*Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) "Entourage". Are all talent agents like this?? Isn't it a 24/7 job if you want the big $?  Ari Gold can only be true to himself and his profession. Rarely home for his two kids, he eventually cheats on wife Melissa. His character is neurotic and well played by Piven. 
How about your list?!  -Walt
Honorable Mention; Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont) "Leave it to Beaver". Did you see the deleted episode where Ward came home from the office after a pay cut and whipped ass on The Beave and Wally? I missed it too. Just kidding. I'd also love to have seen his reaction if he ever came home and found wife June with Eddie Haskell. Now that's good Nick at Nite TV.    

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Walt's Best: Kings Heads Cases

My DeMarcus Cousins-inspired list of greatest Kings head cases of all-time.  With D-Cousins getting his 439th chance to prove himself an adult, i reflect on Kings players who were a huge pain in the ass at different points in their careers. They're all big men!  The criteria is to have been difficult to coach/not live up to potential/just acting stupid.
*DeMarcus Cousins. (2010-Present). The old term "million dollar talent and ten cent head" applies. He ran Paul Westphal. a decent man, out of town. Keith Smart did not get the backing to discipline him. New coach Mike Malone has to hammer him right away. If Demarcus doesn't finish his vegeatbles, that's a $5,000 fine. If he misses layups in practice, it's $1,000 per miss. If he so much as looks at somebody funny, that's $5,000. Whether DeMarcus knows it or not, it's his nature it to see what he can get away with. He should get no latitude.
*Olden Polynice. ('94-'98) The legendary O.P.! He once grabbed a BEE sportswriter by the shirt on the team bus. Olden has also been arrested twice for impersonating a police officer..not that there are many seven foot cops. He also got busted for waving a gun at his girlfriend. He reminds me lots of Jawann Oldham, who's also on this list.
*Ben Gillery. ('88-'89) I was told by another player that Gillery spent a lot of time sitting on the toilet and eating hotdogs. At practice. I don't know if Ben was hiding in there, but i'm pretty sure nobody else eats hotdogs while going #2. Gillery was on the team because Bill Russell was friends with Georgetown coach John Thompson where Gillery (barely) played. How do you sit the bench in college but land in the NBA? Only on the Kings.
*Jawann Oldham ('87-'88) Unpredicatable and moody. Once sucker-punched the lovable 7'7" 210lb Manute Bol because Manute dunked on him. When later asked if he was afraid of Oldham, Manute said "I once had to kill a lion when i was younger. Do u think anyone scares me?"
*Duane Causwell ('90-'97) Causie was pretty lazy and had no offensive game. There were long stretches when he missed dunks on a regular basis which is hard for somebody seven feet tall to do. He could block shots and finished his career in Miami. Cops once found a bag of pot under the seat of his car. Causie then produced a cousin who said it was his. That was original. 
Any other bizarre Kings players I missed??
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Walt's Best Ways to Enjoy the "Big Wake Weekend"

"Big Wake Weekend" is basically Indy Cars on water. Folsom Lake water. 200 mph.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday....on the Granite Bay side of Folsom Lake.. the best of Hydroplane racing the country has to offer will start at 7am daily. It's the tour's first stop at Folsom Lake since 1967!
The American Power Boat Association (APBA) event has something for everyone. Beer Gardens, Bands, Wakeboarding and exhibits.
30,000 people are predicted to watch from the shore and by boat...which means a lot of sunburned drunk people.
It's going to be in the upper 90's.
Where to watch this whole thing roll out? My years of covering events on that side of the lake reveals these prime spots to watch;
*Get on a friends boat in Granite Bay. Those tickets are about gone though. www.bigwakeweekend.com
*grandstand area
*cold pits
*VIP area (just sold out)
*arrive early at Granite Bay State Park. Set up your chairs. Umbrella, cooler, sunblock. You get the idea.
Tickets are $19 for Friday and $39 per day for the weekend. 3-day packages available. Wristbands needed to get to event. 
Best bet for parking? Go park at Sierra College and take a shuttle to the race site. All the reserved parking spots near the event are $25/day and will be gone by Friday.
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Walt's Best BBQ Enhancements

Time to clean that grill to start the Summer BBQ season. Memorial Day weekend!!


Here are my best BBQ enhancements!


*Pappy's Seasoning. Find it at Smart&Final and Save Mart. Some Food Maxx's too. www.Pappyschoice.com. It's a great sub for salt. Use on fish, chicken, steak. It has a cult following. It's deelish.


*Meat marinade packets from McCormick's. I marinade all my steaks in a packet of McCormick's and people always ask for my "secret". It turns your steak into a food tasting vacation! I can't eat steak anymore without it. Safeway has a decent generic meat marinade packet that works too.


*Burgers? Add good, sharp blue cheese into the meat before you grill. Not the cheap crumbly kind. You'll see!


*Cheese? Don't skimp. Use real cheese not the nonfat or 2% stuff. Go for extra sharp cheddar or a strong cheese that adds distinction. Holiday weekends are not a time to worry about calories. It's about flavor. You're the grillmaster. It's your ass and reputation on the line! Go deep.


*Beer. Good beer... show off your selection of properly iced IPA's and Craft beers. Don't do the predictable domestic light beers and the stuff on sale at Safeway. Go for it. Get a funny label like "Arrogant Bastard". I suggest "Brother Thelonius".  It's a holiday weekend... don't get a cheap beer buzz.


You got some secret tips to pass along???


p.s. go with sturdy paper plates and recycle. i hate washing dishes on holidays. or any days.

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Walt's Best Songs To Get You Out Of A Funk

*Midnight Confessions; The Grass Roots. This classic is a fast cure. Makes me think of summertime and friends long ago.
*Midnight Blue; Lou Gramm from Foreigner. I swear I'm not on a "midnight" theme but this is also an upbeat peppy thing.
*Beans and Cornbread. Louis Jordan and the Tympany Five. A battle at the dinner table in the deep south featuring Beans vs. Cornbread. Old school at it's best. If you like this 1949 "jump swing" hit, you'll love "Saturday night fish fry!"
*Carolina in my mind; James Taylor. I've had some great times at my buddy Tom's place in Laurel Springs, NC. So much so that i bought a small piece of ground there. North Carolina is strikingly beautiful....much like California only more lush. Thinking of Carolina is always a cure.
Good Riddance; Green Day. We play this a fair amount on the Eagle. I've heard it many times and it doesn't get old. "I hope you had the time of your life". This song was matched to video as a going away for the original owners of KCRA when they sold in 2000. It floods me with wonderful emotion about that time in my career.
Is there one song that gets you back on track? What is it?
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Walt's Best, no, WORST TV Moms, ever

1. Kate Gosselin; "Jon and Kate Plus 8". I have to admit, i think she's hot until she starts talking. She has a one-track mind...it's all about her. What are these kids going to end up being like with cameras following them around is all they know? Kate complains all the time. It's grating...but we watch.
2. Betty Draper; "Mad Men". She takes her cue from Joan Crawford. She may be the worst Mom ever. Threatening to cut off her daughter's finger? Throwing her son in the closet after he was caught smoking? (she chain smokes).
3. Wilma Flintstone and Jane Jetson (tie). Wilma was always leaving Pebbles and Bam Bam alone in the rock house. Dino was the babysitter! Jane Jetson had a robot for a maid! She wasn't in the show much...my suspicion is that she was trying to pleasure Mr. Spacely to give George a raise! 
4. Peg Bundy; "Married...with Children". She didn't cook or clean and was a bad wife and didn't care. She had no ambition and no job. She raised two brats by her fine example. She was created to be one of the worst TV Moms ever, and was.
5. Mrs. Estelle Costanza; "Seinfeld". My God, she was awful...she just badgered her son George to death. She delivered one of the best lines I've ever heard when she caught George "pleasuring" himself. She told her husband that George "was treating his body like an amusement park!" Awesome.  
Those are my top five worst TV Moms of all time. Yours?
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Walt's Best, Underrated Rolling Stones Songs

 *Paint it Black. 1968. "Aftermath" album. The first #1 single to feature a sitar. I was living in India at the time and music there is all about the sitar. Still brings back great memories of that time for me when i hear it.
*Rocks Off. 1972. "Exile on Main Street" album. Pure rock song with a great horn section. It's like listening to a tailgate party on a '45 single.
*Wild Horses. 1971. "Sticky Fingers" album. Only reached #28 on Billboard that year, but Mick's ex-wife Jerry Hall says it's her fave Stones hit.
*Sympathy for the Devil. 1968. "Beggars Banquet" album. The history of mainkind from Lucifer's point of view. It was written right after Robert F Kennedy was shot..which was right after Dr King was shot and four years after JFK was shot. I was wondering myself if the USA was turning into target practice for anyone willing to say anything.
*Time waits for no one. 1974. "It's only rock and roll" album. This song has never been done live, nor should it without Mick Taylor. This was the final album with Taylor as his lack of credit for writing the song was one of the last straws to him leaving.
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