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Walt's Best Pizza Joints

Who doesn't love a tasty pizza?  Thin crust, deep dish, regular, pan, whatever...I'm in.  I know there's some GREAT pies in town that I haven't even tried, so chime in with your favorites as well (email feedback@eagle969.com or comment at www.Facebook.com/WaltGrayShow).  Here's my fav's:
Zelda's, Sacramento
Deep dish, Chicago-style. The pizza looks like a giant pie. I can eat a whole large regular pizza at other places...but only about two slices of Zelda's. It's meat city.
Hot Italian, Sacramento.
Upscale trendy midtown Italian pizza spot. Gourmet pizza and Italian brews. I always get the "Jovanotti" pizza 'cause i love ham..pepperoni..cheese and mushroom. It's thin crust crispy so i can eat a giant pie myself.
Giovanni's, Sacramento.
I go to the Land Park location. They get all the Little League and Soccer team parties so you may run into 200 kids in there at times...but the pizza is great and they have a nice selection of beer to medicate the parents. NY Style pizza.
Pieces, Sacramento.
A small walk-in joint near downtown where all the action is. It's open till 2:30am on Fridays and Saturdays which has saved me on numerous occasions when i've been in need to soak up a ton of beer. Great big slices of just about anything on it. Awesome.
Buffalo Pizza and Ice Cream, Sacramento.
I've used this place on many occasions for breakfast pizza! People always say...Wtf is breakfast pizza? Instead of red sauce and pepperoni, the toppings are scrambled eggs, cheese and italian sausage or canadian bacon! Try it for your office party and let me know what you think!! It's dee-lish!

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11/07/2012 10:26AM
Walt's Best Pizza Joints
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11/07/2012 1:14PM
Not Just Pizza
Roma II Pizzeria on Folsom Blvd. (College Greens Area). The Giuseppe Special; Mushrooms, salami, pepperoni olives, linguica, beef and bell peppers on hand tossed fresh dough. Plus they have Pasta, soup, hot sandwiches beer and wine served in a family friendly atmosphere.
11/07/2012 3:07PM
Dominck's NY Pizza and Deli - Folsom
By far the best NY pizza in the area. Has a ton of other menu options for those that want variety and they deliver to the Folsom area. Beer on hand and best of all AWESOME SERVICE. This food is so good and people so nice that I can even look past the fact that they are NY Jets fans :-)
11/07/2012 6:13PM
Pizza bell- Elk Grove
11/07/2012 6:31PM
Old Town Pizza in Auburn
the atmosphere of eating in the basement. The pizza is off the hook
11/07/2012 6:34PM
Best 2 Places one in Mid-Town "Pieces" and one in the Burbs "Strobelli's"
I actually have 2 favorite Pizza places depending where I'm at. In Mid -Town I always hit "Pieces" Pizza by the Slice, great variety, open almost ALL hours and always a crazy bunch of people. Their Pizza is to die for........ When I'm in the burbs, Orangevale / Folsom area I hit Strobelli's at the corner of Main and Madison. Its a kinda sports bar and Pizza joint, killer pizza and super friendly people
11/07/2012 7:49PM
Roma's on Fruitridge & Stockton Blvd.
Awesome pies....Pieces is my second fav.
11/07/2012 8:29PM
Mmmm pizza
If I get a pizza craving it's Chicago Fire Pizza in Folsom or Cool River in Roseville. Pieces is good if your downtown late night
11/07/2012 11:58PM
uncle vitos
happy hour $5 for a giant slice and a BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/08/2012 8:11AM
One Speed is great!
One Speed on Folsom Blvd and 48th (or so) has awesome pizza, so very close to my friend's fathers pizza, who was from Naples. Very tasty crust, some interesting yet very compatible toppings, full bar, and great beers on tap.
11/08/2012 8:26AM
The Original Roma's Pizza on Franklin Blvd...
Best pizza ever! 2 old world large Italian ovens great you as you walk in and will bake up your favorite pie! Don't miss this little place. A little hole in the wall offering a slice of heaven!
11/12/2012 2:07PM
La Trattoria Bohemia Great Pizza and Czech Beer and Bohemian Food.
Not many tables when we have been there but many pizzas to go. Amazing Crust but all of the bread and dumplings are great. They have a great dark beer on tap that is not very heavy like other dark beers.
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