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Walt's Best Worst Movies Of All Time

My best list of WORST MOVIES OF ALL TIME.  I actually wasted my time and actually tried to watch these in a theater. At least for a while.
"Little Shop of Horrors" (1986) Rick Moranis. Horrible attempt at a musical within a movie or vice versa. I walked out. Singing plants? Please.
"Tommy" (1975) The Who. As much as i like the Who, this was a another rock opera that was tough to kick back and enjoy at the theatre. Many of the Who bandmembers were involved in the movie, starring Roger Daltrey and Ann Margret (my only reason for wanting to stay) I clearly didn't do my homework in this one. My girlfriend was begging me to leave. We did.
"Cable Guy" (1996) Jim Carrey. As much as i've enjoyed many Carrey flicks (Dumb and Dumber, Truman Show) this one had him playing a bad guy psycho. Unsettling to root against the creep.
"Rollerball" (1976) James Caan. I loved Caan as Sonny Corleone and Caan and i even went on a powerboat ride together in Miami in 1987. This flick was a weird sci-fi deal with Caan playing the role of aging rollerball star "Jonathan E". It sucked is all i remember.
"One Million Years BC" (1966) Raquel Welch. Oh, my God. This was a bunch of c-list actors roming around with clubs dodging dinosaurs who wanted to eat them. Thank God Raquel was wearing limited clothing and it spurred one of the hottest sexiest movie posters of all-time. The actors grunted the whole movie because clearly, one million years BC, good dialogue was limited.

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02/20/2013 1:51PM
Walt's Best Worst Movies Of All Time
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02/20/2013 6:28PM
The Breakup
I don't know where to start. It's a bit like being grated with a cheese grater.
02/20/2013 7:22PM
Walt, give Rollerball another chance. It's a minor classic. You'll see.
02/21/2013 9:46AM
Eyes Wide Shut
3 hours of my life that I'm never getting back. Should have kept my eyes shut and took a nap!
02/21/2013 9:47AM
Eyes Wide Shut
3 hours of my life that I'm never getting back. Should have kept my eyes shut and took a nap.
02/21/2013 9:24PM
"Quest for Fire",1982 "Ironweed",1987 "Barfly",1987
Walt, I think you have led a sheltered life. These three movies are the worst (most disgusting) movies ever. Ever since watching "The Exorcist" in 1973 I never watch horror flicks so I wouldn't know about those.
04/25/2013 9:14PM
Woonsocket R.I.
Talked to you on Friday morning Walt. So your Dad is from Woonsocket. I was born in 1939, and live in woonsocket until the mid-sixties. Went to school at Holy Family School. and High School At Mount St. Charles. Would love to talk to you sometimes about those days, so many stories. My name is Mike Marchand, and I live on Fulton Ave. (16 384 6266. So many stories Walt. I actually pitched in Fenway. There is a great story behind that, too long to share on line. I would really like to talk to your Dad. Lived at 104 First Ave.
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