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What Stones album would you like to see performed in it's entirety?

There seems to be a trend lately where artists play a couplete album live. Bruce Springsteen did it, so did Steely Dan, even Devo have performed  a complete album, start to finish, live on stage. Now Keith Richards has been hinting that the Stones may join the fun. No word yet from the other Stones about this idea, but it's got me pretty hot! I would love to hear them play the entire Sticky Fingers album live and in the order the songs appear on the album. Start it off with Brown Sugar and that great guitar riff. I mean a gleefull song about interracial sex and slavery and lost virginity! Come on you know this is going to be good. How beautiful is Wild Horses, Bitch just cooks, and finally with Can't You Hear me Knocking we get to hear Mick Taylor off the leash and really wailing. Of course Mick Taylor isn't with the band anymore, but Ronnie could have a go I'm thinking..Please boys, tour and do this complete album. Sticky Fingers..It would be a dream come true for a hardcore fan like me. What album would you like to see the Rolling Stones do in it's entirety? Let It Bleed? Beggars Banquet? Some Girls?....check in and let me know, I'll pass it along to Keith.

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05/12/2010 10:52AM
What Stones album would you like to see performed in it's entirety?
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05/13/2010 8:41AM
celeste ingraham
Aftermath !
05/14/2010 5:13AM
Mark Robbins
I'm with you, Bob. Sticky Fingers all the way!
04/02/2011 2:31AM
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