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Who Is This Walt Gray Fellow?

Hello again.  I'm Walt Gray, the former KCRA-TV (Channel 3) news/sports anchor, and now the host of "The Walt Gray Show" mornings on 96.9 The Eagle.  As I'm new here, I thought I'd share 20 "fun facts" about me, that hopefully you'll be able to use for your entertainment and comedic pleasure.  Would love to learn about you as well, at Facebook.com/WaltGrayShow.
20 Items Of Walt Gray Trivia
1. I eat way too much fried chicken.
2. I was born in Providence, Rhode Island
3. My Dad, Walt, Sr., was a State Senator
4. I played college basketball
5. I do not drink light beer
6. I only eat real cheese.. none of that light-cheese, food-slices stuff!
7. My first TV job was in Macon, Georgia
8. The best time of my work life (so far) was my first job in Ft. Myers Florida.
9. I love Broadway musical show tunes. Camelot is my fave.
10. I call my 10 year old daughter Abby "Bean", my seven year old daughter Kelly "Biscuit" and my five year old son Joseph "Mr. J" or "J-Bird". All of them would prefer I not call them these names.
11. I love camping at Sly Park.
12. All of my favorite teams are the Bostons (Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox).
13. I love dive bars
14. My wife is News10 Meteorologist Monica Woods, whom I call "'Nique" (after Monique)
15. My brother, Tim Gray, is a former TV Sportscaster who now produces WWII movies, which run on PBS stations.
16. I had to put my dog "Scout" down this year. She almost made it to 15. Not a good day when that happened.
17. After owning a Porsche, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo thru my Sacramento years, I'm perfectly fine driving a Nissan Versa now. I got all my flash out in my 30's and 40's !
18. I'm mostly Italian. My mother's maiden name is "Cozzolino."  
19. "I may be a lion in a cage, but i'm still a lion..." (One of my favorite quotes.)
20.  I've sailed many times with Captain Morgan, at least, that's what i've been told.

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10/16/2012 2:12PM
Who Is This Walt Gray Fellow?
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11/01/2012 8:13AM
Fellow Rhode Islanda!
When did you leave RI? Where did you live there? Did you get to see the pics from Sandy of the Coast Guard House in Narragansett? Listening in Colfax, Happy day,
11/30/2012 11:25PM
loyal fan of yours
Good luck on your new journey in radio............Sophia
01/14/2013 10:00AM
From RI too.
Born and raised in Newport RI. Now living in Rancho Cordova. Good luck with the new show!
03/28/2013 5:40PM
From Newman,CA
Hey Walt! Watched morning news for years because I enjoyed watching you..hated the change of you to nights as it didn't work with my schedule..it's not the same without you!! Loved hearing about your charity rides..your face would light up as you spoke about it. Also, I learned something new about you..your marries to Monica Woods!! Love her. A great match. ;) I wish you the best with your new show & always! Go get em!!
08/09/2013 3:33PM
All I can say is I miss you Walt Gray. I hope you are happy though and love hearing about your family. Thanks Trish
09/27/2013 6:27PM
Welcome back to TV.
05/15/2014 6:36PM
what is forum title
How old are you? When were you born? How much older re you than Monica?
11/20/2014 3:53PM
Once a New Englander always a N.E.
Glad to have you back on news 10, Loved your show on the Eagle. Go red sox, Pats, Bruins and Celts. From Rich. A former N.E.
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