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Wildlife you have seen on the Golf Course

179770505_a2ea2a881b_tToday I was talking to a listener about golf and he mentioned he used to play in Fairbanks Alaska. The ground was usually pretty hard till the middle of May but the real problem was the moose. They would show up on the tee box, in the bunkers and even sometimes wander into the clubhouse. It got me thinking about animals we have encountered while playing the grand game of golf. I remember golfing in Mexico when a crocodile was resting his chin on my errant shot. He didn't move until I was practically on top of him, then he most certainly did move, and fast. Local knowledge would have been handy, don't hit ANYTHING toward the water, they lie in wait. Another time a fox had crawled inside my golf bag and stole a sandwhich, but thankfully left me the chips. This was at Bing Maloney Golf Course here in Sacramento. The fox is pretty famous, he has been hanging around the place for bout you? Have you seen any remarkable wildlife while playing golf? No, I"m not talking about the Hooter's girl at the 9th hole at the Sip it, Grip it, and Rip it golf tournement.

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02/22/2010 12:37PM
Wildlife you have seen on the Golf Course
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