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Woodsquawk Airship Rides a Hit

blimp200The crowds continue to pour into Woodsquawk.... A glorious weekend at the Keller family farm off the 50 freeway.  About 1200 concert goers took advantage of the $4 blimp ride over El Dorado Hills, Folsom and Sacramento.....

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05/22/2009 11:43AM
Woodsquawk Airship Rides a Hit
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05/23/2009 7:46AM
Yeah, Rock Med!!!!
05/23/2009 1:58PM
I know Woodsquawk 2009 is at Max Eeller's farm, off of HWY 50, but can't find the address anywhere. Can you please post it for a visit Sunday or Monday. Today too late and too many there already. Thanks
05/24/2009 10:57AM
Edward Porter
Yes I Asked that yesterday but got no resonce
05/28/2009 4:59AM
Was this real? If you wanted to make me feel like a gulli-bull then rest assured you've reached your goal...but I MUST know, did this event really occur???
05/28/2010 8:23AM
Where is this taking place? If they really want people to go, how about telling us where it is instead of just some vague place on hwy 50.
05/28/2010 3:12PM
Sounds like a great time & was listening to some killer music on the way home. Too bad 96.9 kept the location such a secret. Going to Tahoe instead!
05/30/2010 6:25AM
Having a blast, if ya can't find the place, guess it's on you
09/13/2010 7:15AM
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05/30/2011 5:52PM
Larry Aragon
I was reliving the US Festival from the early 80's held in the San Bernadino mountains. Thanks Eagle for giving me a great trip.
05/30/2011 5:54PM
Larry Aragon
US Festival people feel the love out there. I know there are a lot of you, there was 250,000 with me on the ROCK day. HELLO O O O O O!
05/30/2011 5:58PM
Larry Aragon
Tom Nokashima took us into the New Judgment Day in style. I LOVE IT HERE. Yahhhhhhhhhh.
05/30/2011 6:00PM
Larry Aragon
I've finally gotten over KZAP's termination. I LOVE the Eagle. I'm home now.
10/13/2011 2:18PM
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