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Yeah, but then I've never been good at getting the punchline....

new-laughing-200x150Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is defending a video on his Twitter page which shows him brandishing a huge hunting knife as he talks about the state's budget crisis. Our Governator, who is under fire for a budget plan announced this week that will see 15 billion dollars in spending cuts from services such as education and health care, said the light-hearted video was intended as a bit of fun. OK...... Schwarzenegger said, "You know, you sent a governor to Sacramento -- not El Stiffo, like some of the past were, but you sent someone that is a little bit more entertaining and has a little bit more fun with the whole thing, So just relax and have a little bit of a sense of humor." Hmmm, let's see...a 26.3 billion dollar budget deficit, IOU's, furloughs...is it just me or is it hard to find humor in any of this?

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07/23/2009 3:31AM
Yeah, but then I've never been good at getting the punchline....
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07/23/2009 6:58PM
John Connor
go governor go!!!!!!!!!!
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