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You can get anything you want at.....

This Thanksgiving the Eagle will continue with our tradition of playing the entire song Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie. A real classic and a real peek into the times of  hippies, anti-war protests and general craziness. It's actually a spoken monologue that recounts a true but comically exaggerated Thanksgiving Day adventure as a satirical, deadpan protest against the Vietnam War draft. Alice is actually Alice M. Brock, who in 1964 used 2,000 dollars supplied by her mother to purchase an old church in Great Barrington Masachusetts where Alice was living. On Thanksgiving Novermber 25, 1965, 18 year old Guthrie and his friend Richard were arrested by Stockbridge police officer William "Obie"Obanhein for illegally dumping some of Alice'sgarbage after discovering that the town dump was closed for the holiday. Two days later the two pleaded guilty in court before a blind judge, and were fined 50 dollars. The song goes on to describe the surreal bureaucracy at the New York City induction center. Because of Arlo's record of  littering he issent to the Group W Bench. Arlo complaines "I'm sitting on the Group W Bench cause you want to know if I'm moral enought to join the army, burn women, kids, houses and villages after being a litterbug." You can hear the whole story, music and all on Thanksgiving, we will air it out twice that day, once at 11:50am and again at 5:50pm. Join us this week, there is always room at the table for you at Alice's Restaurant.

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11/22/2010 6:48AM
You can get anything you want at.....
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11/24/2010 10:32PM
The Rockwells
Thanks Bob. We put on the Eagle that Thanksgiving Day in the early nineties when we were preparing dinner and we heard Arlo. Our kids were all so young. We turned it up, they were captivated and we've put it on every year since. Have a good one. The Rockwells
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