We want to celebrate YOU

with a gathering sponsored by Roseville Hyundai

It would be our honor to have you join the Eagle staff for food, a chance to win prizes every 10 minutes (from gift cards and tickets, to electronics and lots more), live music, and friendly faces, all on the evening of Saturday, December 16th.  You’ll also have an opportunity to donate non-perishable food to the Placer Food Bank.

Space is LIMITED,so we invite you to enter our INVITE-REQUEST-LOTTERY. We'll be selecting invitees daily, beginning NOVEMBER 27th! 

Deschutes Brewery


Check this page daily to see the guest list!

Michelle Balvin

Lynn Bonzell

Howard Bowers

Jerome Capistrano

Eugenia Chien

Roger Cihla

Lillian Clark

Laurie Comly

Patrick Connolly

Ron Cook

Kelly Cunningham

Mark Equinoa

Christa Escoto

John Ewart

Angelita Fisher

Andrew Fontenette

Jim Fortunato

Dean Gardner

Darell Heim

Jo Hewitt

Gloria Jourden

Mickey Kendall

Cynthia Kettle 

Jeanette Kloss

Michelle Long

Gloria Magana

Laurie Marquez

Dale Miller Jr.

Bridget Ramsey

Barbara Reisinger

Rafael Ron

Heather Salazar

Kurtis Schoentges

Jami Seinbach

Keri Spaulding

Diane Sproule

Kim Spurlock

Dale Swanson

Krishna Teresi

Jerry Tritt

Richard Tuosto

Beth Wathen

Robert Wilson

Mary Dann

Eric McEntee

Simon Lee

Lori Hannah

Ray Barker

Marianne Everton

Michael Murphy

Maxwell McArthur

Daniel Jones

Randy Hill


Jodie Hultsman

Ronald Kinnard

Veronica Hanby

Julie Wells

Carol Klien

Tommie Bleich

Marion Boyd

Candace Porter

George Figueroa

Lucinda Hurst

Nancy Cunningham

Paul Cruz

Scott Andersen

Jay Meyers

Gary Watts

Joanne Kennedy

Roxanne Pool

Bobby Greg

Kristen Derby

Jeff Scrogings

Sean Bassham

Jason DeAnda

Claudia English

Susan Rodriguez

John Mize

Anita Ollero

Sarita Baker

Angelicca Burks

Katrina Parker

Michael Scott

Matthew Woolsey

Janet Thiel

Ronnie Dalton

David Hana

Konrad Funke

Natalie Jimenez

Betty  Merrill

Mike Witherow

Michelle Steeg

Brian Blakeney

Teresa Cummings

Samantha Moman

Jerry Sandoval

Mia Evans

Nancy Kirchhoff

Don Nahhas

Kyle Sollom

Lee Ann Woolen

Johnny Gardner

Irene Velbeck

Eugene Schmitz

Ramona Rogers Uhl

Carena Mulady

Sharon Nuesse

Rhonda Wyatt

Alan Chase

Michelle Adkins

Tom Townsend

Todd Bridges

Sal Oropeza

Gina Stanley

Sherree McCune

Cassandra Peterson

Stephen Osborne

Teri Benson

Susan Huber

Patricia Stanley

Debra Colburn

Christina Marks

Brooke Poland

Margit Zsoldos

Nate Soloman

Julianne Clem

Grace Cheng

William Archbold

Stewart Ryan

Rachel Harvey

Nancy Leach

Jeff Byrom

Andy Bass

Rob Pontius

Scott Schrader

Evelynne Drinker

Dave Hardy

Janelle Anderson

Whitney Sullivan

Don Stewart

Ron Vogel

Melissa Kelly

Margo Labayne

Roger Bybee

Craig Black

Timothy McKay

Greta Bartek

Contest Date Range: Monday, Nov 20th 2017 12:00am - Friday, Dec 15th 2017 10:00am