06-14-17 Seg 3 Mens Room gets a little dirty

Wednesday, June 14th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! The Word has food names that sound dirty! and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Miles and hi Dave isu recess just to take a day and a half ago Duluth Minnesota. Dave hooks up with his wife there to their house also they have a woman there who have used to be the mother of Dave's. Coworker right at this point damaging drama now called Dave's girlfriend once Dave to have say right with a scope wife wants to have sex once and have sex with a co worker's mom in front of her. So then what happens. Yes shoot pictures worth a lot so far shattered dirt. Hey and Arab. I thought everything was cool. I've let you did now you're oh yeah look at them those the one thing we probably needed to vouch for him. We will wipe my. She seemed to be cool. Scene. Really OK and then. You know electronic ended this evening and move and your neighbor went oh my buddy go lady what they're lawless home stand we went upstairs. And you are Christians in their guerrilla wow I didn't understand why am I think every what are you doing and should come that my shotgun and shells and our and. Was this very you were supposed to say no I don't wanna do that. Did you fail the test losing Golar Versa I do these genes make me look I was as a trap. I via. This was the trap eye okay though at the time I was always like one years old it's happened. And I got asked were you get to with the what are the wife did did the buddy who's you hooked up with his mom does he not care. Not it was cool he didn't didn't care. About you want to do and so did she shoot you. Well actually. We know we did a third or better in arrogant shooter closet she came out of a car with a shotgun and show she's like oh armor you cheaper I'm like Indiana to give me interrogated period. You know I wouldn't care as well. Pension issue like our second issue picked up a fortune out my door dorm. You don't look great hey I'm gonna shoot my husband did it didn't come sinking of the spoil it I'll lose this is full regal top. Well still wasn't for real early. Kerry. I want to drop guard Greg rose there that aren't out. I don't just amazing you were able to perform in on and that's all your thing like you can limit of the didn't even have to give the man credit or creditors won't have a handle around still was able to have actually yeah we might call or fuel mileage influence in front of somebody else want to lose an impressive performance in my in my yeah. Based on that are based on the situation yes I agree. So she shot you. Who are machines. She did that well yeah stick around a while we can't call back which gives the police they're couldn't quite gentlemanly. I didn't know I didn't believe that she was gonna shoot musicians trying to show they're you know that's the shotgun shell in the shotgun. We want to work from where it checked firm and I'm like well baby editor that there are so why. I would you explain the do someone who plans on shooting knew how to properly load the goalie players are shooting you whip. I believe in gun safety well schools. Have been. It's the only or IE users interact. So I explainer I don't know Rick not happy it. Worked and think that you usually Rick. She put the gun that might ask you would still. Touch you my chair when she pulled the trigger. There. Perpetrate here. Misfired bear the primary didn't go off I had that serve almost ten years and I thought the somehow I think another girlfriend threw away you know Ali do they get rid of all the old girl. Day ideas are clear is that why bulldozed Julia good win our. Thank you are. It's old news by a bit what happened at this point you realized she had every intention of doing. Well actually got away from her quickly and unloaded their police worked downstairs by this point. In the house we were upstairs in our bedroom. I what you don't think the police who immediately your gun on me because I was the victim. Then. Once I got that sorted out labor I've heard downstairs. It was a two story apartment sheer act of much older and a lot of bad law cue it up there by ourselves so whoever the entire sort of par it's. Man I'm not sure if they affirmed that feeling downstairs when I woke up the next morning in the book did you take her away. Moorer did not lay out my church here we call my sister who was who is cops in Minnesota. Duluth. She looked up there Rick how bad. They called my sister my sister Kim I got here they just hysteria over television and Mike are pretty much any electronic appliance that was worth anything. First of all out of power. I made me a veteran squad car. For some reason I was in danger. My sister to a ratio is glad that she became a cop because you wanted to rip a player that people like me. At all man you're solicitor told you that I put that she became. World of people like you. Well could be garnished what I was five years old my sister ran away from home because. I was a horrible child. I. I try to do our share and let's remember this so called starter with him sleeping with his buddy's mom. Running down from I don't know a good idea yeah you're right there and Rick yeah okay and you know. You have to read our got it good or better than the day gave I like you could I have certain lines hooking up with your mom kind of friends looked at one of those funds. Debut June now you why do we review we granted a divorce shortly after. Well actually stayed where their first several more years what do Obama Hawaii warriors why. Our com. You guys did and people are crazy. All that for Assam. Mr. Y times bush attempted to kill them like warriors attempted to kill him. He stayed reserve for eight more computers and when asked why. Issues great bed Manley told her how to load the gun god damn. As you have great embed why would you honestly boo the other person that's good point. Where alcohol sometimes you YOK I went to sleep all of anyone's mom instead now from the leg while I. Other person sometimes you know you have your favorite pizza place that maybe it's a pretty wide. But I know the ones that's a machine it's a quick Google like cheap slice of pizza you I know that you know you want a pizza roll we're okay and it doesn't equal. They are pizza you got the best feature the world a helmet you don't tonight Philip patrol. Would you do combo pretzel pizza flavored does that equate to that. Pizza clever combo. Sorry my mind went to lake pepperoni and salsa on top of oppressed grocer whole preacher talk I figured actual combos yeah I Needham. Miserably at times question that it could get where you would shots were fired. Phillip TJ welcome to the Mandarin. It. Did you and on top. Pentagon as we're doing good this is Ziegler didn't yeah. I read that question is about sides fired make thirty starts in downtown Everett big spread it. So look at the data NN house template and Brendan Scott and across these remote they were in well known crack. And now we also found out you don't shortly and we're also reading Tucker got that out. Out of a crack house day yeah I'll tell you can take the art that people did you come sometime look at crackle war. Yeah it. Oh add that bit to get labeled extreme example better underwear I think we learned wearing it. Fairways are kids go look at the dog around the world that's got to sell like hot case man college you know Rangel article. Comes children's sizes and I'm humbled and I. Did it. I could see here on US senate energy and Crandall aren't crab hole I felt better. The only team in the did you rent the place out there we just checked in and out for the first about it. No we are ignorant your place across streets are not out all right. It adds well that they're the bedroom and also I think you're yelling out the windows so you are out right here over doormat I got not check out the window there there's back. Yeah they're my cat arguing with one big guys they lived in the house and there and apprentice screwed their hand operated by Al lined up right squealing knocked down the road. Then the other guys haven't slept on the street you like Blanton backpack down on the floor and then he goes in Mike's arms into the house and I like about thirty seconds later often do hear a loud boom boom. And I sort of like somebody turned out the lights and roach motel everybody dish scattered out of that how they want. And granddaughter got how many how many how many people were announced. It would easily at least twelve okay that's absolutely right that does like are fired girl. Yeah pretty much truth there. So glad I you know well my call my Anwar and I'm like let's here's what's going on they're trying to happy ten million questions about who I am more man number X better after. NN all that in light you don't get any information relayed like closer sir I need to hang up we're getting multiple calls about this now right out Capel. I hang up in papers he'd go like hit by the window they don't watch the show unfold. Well and XP you know like from all directions it was shared it was Erick ED US beer. Every pretty much every branch copied it income suddenly comes up Paul yeah. Oh yeah I would like full bodied and won't. Let us stop it's. Huge and that the actually it back what are the camp their cup bid so from Everett type spoken that would like to block. And saying that the media magnet meter maid comes a bus that I than anyone look at some do little bored you to join my soul the outcome of that Simonyi was shot inside the guy who rim and I'm back was he the guy who was shot. You know actually while bad out of spite or because it was definitely got shot that weird with their payroll and off are you overturn it now being light. Which guy tabloids from our house you know wins when they needed shape after that ran off with a guy or wherever. So they want it going after him but and they still proceed with villains out what are those things where they're looking for protection order if there's riots and stuff. Like au Prince Fielder Vernon Hills policeman the riot cops. Dad paid a base straight up brought bad stuff about Palin has they're all white rifle now married skiing and David apparently recorded a copy never found the guy and they couldn't find your Vancouver like seriously they Muhammad angered. Anybody out there and prioritizes you know bad SO swat guys look at those shields and how much they weigh the files regular cup I just have one of those who mailed them. Our ass like you know and in a toys that come out on our divot and how do you chased down the naked guy that you're going to deal with I went behind my partner and that's Hillary underdogs deflecting all the bullets until all of it does I honest to god believe that is why so many cops sort of something like that who looked. If you wanna crackdowns regardless what you think you're not under the rate in the world where I am so. The rest of my day I've been tackling naked drunk people. That are typical of other naked person who handcuffed and magma to butt naked naked naked naked naked naked naked all day right. I hear the something is actually pop world is happening I guarantee you like thank god there's something going down the crack house and then nobody is naked. Who deal today they have clothes on I don't care what the crime is at least they have welding and stay till we get your emails coming up for the men's room have men's or live dot god you're listening to the men's or radio network. True it was. I just don't come award goes to food names that sound very very dirty that is really ready for the shot of the day garments are good times question today where were you when shots were fired in here come those emails in the men's room mad men's or live dot com yeah. Or doing this from starts gunfire I'm in the military travel news that one I was a pizza guy in a. Small town got shot at on three different occasions twice while driving. While once walking up the path to an apartment complex. From an apartment on the opposite side of the street tell standing there reading the delivery slipped and I kept seeing little puffs of smoke on the concrete from me. And I thought holy as some getting shot that ran inside the apartment yes I delivered the pizza did not call the cops did not get a tip and got back to the car safe. That from Brian the oven Mitt ninja master. Man I'm Phil and you deliver pizza you should dig Kevlar for whoever does deliver for our guys are doing to target shooting with a buddy we were in pretty good clearing so there were different to a few different groups of people shooting and about a 200 yard line toward a dirt backdrop. Everyone calls cease fire to resets and targets and when I was down range I hear shots go off from behind me. After as in my pants figuratively housing below where the shot came from luckily was at the moron at the other new line you just got to the shooting line. It didn't realize it was a cease fire they had chewed up pretty bad about guys next humble looking back I never should've asked him to leave because of their unsafe got news. Aunt from B dub. A few years ago guys are selling your car and Craig's list and it was a guy who was coming over to look at it he's on the kind of sketchy so I asked my neighbor a good friend Jesse. To come over where this pistol in case the guy tried to rob. Jesse was very drunk when he came over so the guy shows up I walk out in my driveway to meet him and as soon as I shake the guy's hand. We hear a pop from inside of the house I had no choice but to tell the dude I'm sorry from the man Jesse just fired again in my house excuse me. According to my wife for the time who has it now says he said let's lock and load this mother cocked his pistol and surprise himself when he accidentally fired in the floor my kitchen. Normal searched house watching my two nieces that night and they did not even wake up. They Craigslist guy and I've been pretty cool guy stuck around for a few Beers after buying the car. This was not the first time just he had fired again in the house by the way thanks Mitchell was up from Shayne Graham. Don't call Jesse for help now if you think. Guys I was in a school shooting back in 2000 during summer school I was only ten when this happened I'm 27 now. And still remember it like it was yesterday that from John. Grown up to. I remember threes the civil war moves in the school woman's outside the school and mom was someone we knew. On the way to school. But back then too and an honest to god they were the third story on the local news. The one that they can go China go just in the school and always buy you got shot in and school. In the hallway between classes. So like everybody's out there right. But it was Baltimore time and it was the third story on the local news room where desire when shots are fired running for a bloody life. Aback when I used to do crack about 25 years ago. I was and they neighborhood and guess being a white men and all black and made me an easy targets are part of December 11 when the Cole who now has survived image and obvious graduate he has exactly a good idea cool there was no worries like any other adult men don't correct I wasn't long before I waved over some duty got in my car and told him I want to fifty piece. I should on the money which she grabbed it and ran to the other car that just pulled up. They started to drive away and being the di Massa was the time to enjoy EL I got your license plate number. Of course they came back about six minutes later today you got what white boys and started shooting he has exact and jump in a bush while he said he criticism with hello well the good. Well. Oh good to lose contact I was a single sailor living and announce a good area of San Diego California called Chula Vista. Or as most of the resident called it's too low wanna. Well one night I'm in the apartment with a young lady and we are well let's just say the windows again hosting. Well this is the airplane was coming in the land so to speak at the she lets out a scream and he says he time I hear three distinct gunshots. About a blocked on the street. She keeps going doesn't miss a beat. At the end of it. We're sitting outside having ample celebratory smoke in a beer and she says oh my god that was amazing you are amazing. Our fireworks when it the end could I don't know guards are displayed it was fireworks from sex and violence was until few weeks later when she kept trying over over to get the same results that I told her. Then what she heard was gunfire outside the house. She's an okay right while the show fels she's not the bright as the ball. Now let's see here out of her I have worked a few treasury males in the men's tournament remind our job you. I say my daughter Isabella thirteen Burr taken to get a second outcome K dead at love you girl oh. ProLogis once in a birthday shout to my boss Amy all of us at the restaurant big fans of the show her husband has even been on the show with you all before. Can we please have thrilled the mile selling a slacks and their Jersey accents thanks pages. That from alpha in his brain you can sway. You are some slash W good stuff we got this right we got plants like Jeanine blacks lesser brands like we guess lags in the trunk about God's got outside we got flags to give your blood live we got slated to make politically he got three Kamel told to get grossed people lost and they can't help put three Emma told slack is that it what's going on under the hood mama. The McCarron new brand called crackle war. Good your birthday shot onto our wonderful fiance Daniel we just got engaged to be great for him to hear your birthday wishes along with a Al hitting the window. As a dirty turtle sex thanks for the thought provoking conversations of many laughs that from a bomb. Guys thank you please get out very happy birthday from my husband Patrick he would love a big old Andrew penis. Followed by a what the hell is that. And broke T in his yeah. Girl doesn't turn 32 and the US army turns 241. Can I get a reality the window hey what was that Jay in a random fish sandwich thanks from Kyle O'Dell and heavy Flag Day. Oh yeah. Brawl and I do. We'll tell us and we like Jewish member of the Robert pronounced Bobby has had a birthday thanks Roy is being their form you're not only my brother but my best friend get internal actual wedding puke in the middle thanks guys love the show from David Blitzer. Yeah. But back. It's. Guys enjoy the show every day I've always wanted to write in about my day is today 46 years old homicide they can get a faced sandwich and an oh look out and of course the birthday song thanks for all you do that from the net fish sandwich so looked go to our guys here ego. Yeah I mean everybody's okay. Yeah yeah it's. Haven't gotten. I hang educated you met de L lecturing here about about nudity from the other than through these two growth in Germany aus tin wee and over like well to an island in the North Sea or we stated youth hostel. Teacher too with her parents about rates eighteen or so tenure olds every day to be activities museums gases you know one day the agenda was taken to our hike to a beach pirate ship. On a big beach a pretty sight about that was. Turns at the beach we had to walk thirty get to the pirate ship was along the nude beach. Lots of sagging and awkwardness my parents were not there thank god thought that story was aleris. That's from the blue devil. Our guys are working as a security guard on the big island of Hawaii I was at a gas station in the sixty plus year old man was standing and discard try to date for change in the seats. Suddenly shorts just dropped to the ground he's been over and I got a good look at what my boys a look like when I'm sixties the images forever burned into my head you guys Iraq. I don't look like drawings bigs until able margin among regarding the naked theme. Twelve years ago my wife and I got married in the lovely Dominican republic first trip to the Caribbean it was an eye opener. Well approximately half of the guessing and our resort war from the United States cannot the other half were from various European countries France Germany. How my first day the beach I was made aware of the fact that many women from the European countries have a bikini top optional view toward beach where you off my soon to be alive was the first of what had a beautiful young twenty something reclined it'll lounge chair with only her bikini bottoms on. I thought this was fantastic. However I soon became aware of the fact that for every gorgeous twice and the girl who chose to go topless. There were fifteen less than gorgeous forty year old plus women who chose to exercise the same option when he came to swimwear and can't have everything but here you go. They say the what a man and a lady had been married for very long time they begin to look like each other that's terrifying one that beach I discovered proof. There was a German couple in their sixties holding hands walking down the beach they were definitely a male and female however everything else was the same from top to bottom they had. Matching blonde going great crew cuts matching sagging breasts matching beard guts and the kicker matching it. Leopard prints Thong bikini bottoms it's something that you just can't NC cheers guys keep up the good work that from Eric in north Vancouver British Columbia. Our lead me to believe that former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner in his life have been married for a thousand years if and it when he shaves his face they are the same person to drag guarantee short hair if we put they have the same here's the idol. Yeah it's weird man and they were children play. And his others his wife openly she was always super supportive but there was show her I'm like that's not his brother and that they look a lot of love you love like. I coming up we will try again we will tells what a shot of the day but first yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah John. Blue. Whatever whose size class Steven throw you bring us three stories in the news they all suck but it's up to us to determine which of these three stories. Sucks the least if you like the men's room on FaceBook these stories are already in a way as well as the debates in who sucks less RA how old did you did general synopsis of the three stories if you need more neat dad details truly. You reach your. Whatever conclusion I would gladly oblige but the three stories today we go to Jefferson County. What police are searching for a guy. They keep stealing the braille interpretive signs. We Genesee park so the guys told overly 37 signs there and braille obviously they are there to help guide the blind. And mark he keeps stealing them that's just coming after. Will double postal worker and Alabama now she's into getting arrested because she was feeding meat balls. To the dogs that were on route and it's not the they have so much a problem that it's just that to meat balls you've seen the dogs had nails in them. I've been voted evidence of a split Michigan official. As we know they're going to allow troubled by our guy by the name of Phil stay OK so he is a he's a flood official and he's caught on tape complaining about situations going on Flint which we innovative tainted water. One of the things going on there's a lot of people are refusing to pay the waterbed. Because they keep using water to be even to cook will continue to deny paying it. Clinton has responded by saying. You don't pay your water bill we might foreclose on their house to battles going conflict this guy commenting on it. Basically lung disorder recent. Clinton has the same problems as Detroit out I think in bombs don't pay the bills. And any elaborate but to simply didn't look to restore the best part about actor got that I can't remember the context of a but it is to do it smugglers were on spring break with 33 in my closes black dress. Or something of that nature to care only looked at what he said was right surgical mine he'd already said of ebbing and bombs. Don't pay the broad derelict mother peppers their epic deadbeat decent I don't want to call them and bonds in an article memo. And furthermore at least one report goggles only Monica. That's an analyst with look at it definitely gonna wanna go all the men bombs even like just couldn derelict mother efforts like golden embalmed before but I don't want Coleman bombs. Because of what we tort reform of our friends admirably so he's competing a quarter a lot of black friends hey I got to a point not an important repeatedly using the vehicle. I'd like compete with the Alabama pulled the worker beating. Mail filled meat balls to dogs and root. And then they are competing against a guy keeps going out to Genesee parked in stealing. The braille signs that helped guide people to put our little woman is feeding him in and poisoning the dogs of the meatball I'm boiling. Just trying to shred the amount of medals miles correct no poison to be well I don't they do make her sound bad windows on the backside it's gonna do all the damage it's gonna revolt in the stomach and the dogs are going to be doing to a. So she in my mind sucks I don't know what's going on level. Q what is it be I mean that it. She was tired of the dogs on route Meebo have it's a postal worker turned off but we we understand the connection guess the thing not the thing to do you fed the dog meat ball without the nail that they would become your friend and all you resigned this video that's all you really need to do the first time around without putting the nail in there and then you've got situation taking care. She's not good members meatballs and nails so I combined both to make them friendly I can't believe just an overall rule life don't add nails to any golf. No but you also had to think Hillary and I think in most food even if you do a thing. That he did any mail carrier who had very good gone and experienced any of that stuff would carry snow hostages in their truck. Or something like that you know I'm Sam lane our deterrent or friend may not exactly tonight trying to kill the guy I don't know maybe bear mace maybe it's not us does that either way you get away dealer Mason stopped used to automate a metallic. My name. You could just embrace their dog a great feeling you know a dog or make an air base north and also your dog gets an actor yet another thing and if if if there's she's sucks the most. It that your. Yeah. That's part teeth. They usually news tonight. Is I agree yeah I think. Postal worker put nails in the meatballs. Is the worst because you're actively her innocence and I got a guy hey who's this I mean. On the one hand I'm almost smiling a little ridiculous but hey it's not tough enough to go hiking if you block. Like you can go enjoy nature let's CPI and remove the signs just out of spite or just a guy. Revenue bonds won't clear the bill and I just love the fact like you said piles and piles of bubble. One called used in bombs and bombs divide Jews went to myrtle read what appointed former boyfriend penalty a blind guys gonna fall off a cliff there but something very bad can happen if you don't know where you are where we don't know. Man I'm gonna. People that have sites get lost in well mark part you know this guy's an official influence. He's he's saying what he thinks about the causes of the foreclosure problem in the area. I don't know the foreclosure problem was an area than the fact that I know Flynn has a very difficult time finding jobs for people don't they people not. Listen the road rather not pay the water belt because they can't drink the water in them because they can't drink water and I'm making the payment is a can't do anything right and therefore when they can't make that payment or closing or unaffordable although they hold and afford to pay for the home beautiful want to actively paper poised like no one hires a hit man to kill themselves. Content 1000 dollars the bush delegate unfortunately people don't do. It but it is opinion. You look and it's and he is an official which hopefully means that he is an elected official and non appointed officials do is officially stone is officially something. He got want to say how Hussein. Sadly enough nothing to braille such. I and I went and I don't even know I think the official influence Oxley keys you know I didn't I don't I know you guys know Jackie I didn't really smile on his final what are totaled. That's the that's the governor's yeah I was very turtle terribly motivated they what I did wrong at the fifth FF FF a Toyota I would I would the conflict they've Marty screw the people over. This doesn't surprise right. So right but like I think the Jefferson County dude like. I don't know you're applying to the park. Because people could fall. No exactly that's on takes one good physically get hurt in that situation as some would die. It would be simply just horrible. But they've already done the really bad part of poisoning another article about his lead in the law now for a authority but he wants them to pay me for the boys we know you can't predict. You can't bathe and Dick Cook with a you can't watch call with it you can't give that your pet but god stimulus money for so much less like the men's room on FaceBook as the debate continues there are coming up we will drink and those with a child today image on the word goes to food names that sound dirty that is coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. This is your. I have a business we will drank it tells the the shot of the day is today is moments away OK but the first three little programming note here our head writer Jeff is no longer with the with the show. Writers live or not we don't put most of the material on the air because it's such. And brand new writer map at center John I think notice over a long time and now he's the official head writer. It was all right as we put him up to certain tax season he could come of these dumb idea I think sometimes it's just like during not a meat potatoes. The start talking about food in the food started to resemble the dirt. So we put this on our rises ahead and what Dell and other foods some third minute or so from that we get the littlest and is designed to the. First effort from those are diligent visually I mean maybe he's put some of the stuff on the hear that word and leading human acknowledged before this is actually is is first thing so. We'll find out isn't it funny enough. It's off to. 1576. We go if you think you minimal. Foods that sound dirty I erratic. Did it shift. Let's go for you tell me if you eat this. Steamed clams death death chuck corn yes passion fruit path. Fish tacos yes tongue you know poo poo platter you have to think drilling potato is a spotted Dick no I want I did try did not awful but I don't eat spotted includes a sound a dirty toss out. Now we'll pop yes donuts gas cramps. Yeah he begs the figure Alex. Yeah yeah bangers and mash oh yeah and she's no no monkey ball now soundscape it has yeah butter fingers. Live Milky Way. Intended to be a guest role in mean summer sausage yeah for a lot more about what not you know banana muffin. Born nuts like corn nuts I don't like one night I like them Franken beat each you know meat kebab. Brass nuggets to pick me at all I enjoy admiral Mike winters nestled. Pulled pork jerk chicken GAAP net plus for another all of the other club out of time which plays plums. Nothing sour balls. What's our ball. Also this hour chuck oysters no yeah cocktail waiters get held back grandma's dumplings. With her fans booed this underneath her tomorrow don't believe this week green Newton meat stick. Yeah sticky buns. Yeah up to figure out via your boss you know Hamburger Helper you know now be kept it yet. We're checking. The affluent. You know prickly pears. Yes they sticks glazed donuts Tom Lange and it'll. Port Cox clam chowder cheese nips dumb pig sounds very dumb bars dump cans rolled tuna melt rump roast fund's size Wiener to Wiener size funds. Five dollar foot longs men's room Zaza did finally firms are jolly Joseph our new head writer for. Come quad. I do that during attack so bloody out there deserves to be read it's I'll. Men's room. Just two days. I didn't finish your joy ahead of the break dance dance even draw vilified out nortel's and yes indeed today we chose David Bonderman he's a billionaire and he's on Bloomberg's board of directors now over and are much like United Airlines. There are getting some my first serve bad. Russ lately and that's why the board of directors was meeting the missiles that company wide meetings of the board of directors is meeting but people company wide that they can listen. No one of the topics addressed with sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. At Hoover. And you've been reading a lot about that lately. So fellow board member. Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post paid over she is also on aboard boomer Lieberman and she's addressing everyone. And she's commenting and I quote. There's a lot of data that shows that when you're one woman on the board. It's much more likely that there will be the site. But before she can continue DeVon and Robert her by saying quote actually what it shows is that her. Much more likely it would be a lot more talking. They would resign from the board after making this comment because again yeah. They were addressing sexual harassment and sexual misconduct company wide. Sushi makes that statement she's about to say some thousand jobs then Rockwell actually what it shows as Motorola a little bit more talking. Yet he resigned later that same day and Willard Davidson. Took it probably given the path. Save our. God damn man to slit her finish. If nothing now right that's and we are considered the joke because the Iron Man aren't you out in the open let's during. With more of those boos imagery this moves because we've taken yummy yeah angle over the tong and down the road to party in our Tommy's. Now and I'll allow that so hot ticket doesn't online for profile us Colin yellow a color 9844999. Old love. Shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.