Comic Jack Gallagher

Monday, April 9th

Nationally known comic Jack Gallagher has opened for Tony Bennet, the Temptations and Dolly Parton (now there’s a story!) He was on with Johnny, Jay and Conan. Emmy award winner, writer, and genuinely nice guy!     


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Mean out. I miss. My question is I am so excited just shoot the crap but the idea is to say crap. How long have you been doing either stand up for comedy how I didn't even getting paid detail how. I'm getting paid yeah well I'd get paid for days to pay. Seriously yes. I started on the University of Massachusetts I graduated from college already my wife and my girlfriend was. That's university Massachusetts out there and teaching degree and when I was out there and started working. At a little. Open Mike night on campus that if you were the funniest act. Voted by the audience Uga. Passes to this restaurant that was associated with this room on campus strategy and I used to. Oh because in any money or a restaurant. Well now and I I always wanted this to happen in how to start and that's how I started an and I used to go to clubs in that area. Like at happy hours and stuff and I'd give them manager five or ten dollars to blow up onstage during the break and say if I'm funny. He gimme my money back at them you can keep it doesn't like humans so it never got the money back. There are so people say I've always wanted to do their size like to do that and you said you've always wanted to do stand up when did June when. Were you a teenager were you a little kid who used be that the hammock that. Animal yeah I mean I was not a good student I was in a good athlete I was funny and I don't know why I was funny but I always could find the funny and stuff. So from the time I was probably you know I wanted to be actually want to be a disc jockey. So badly are you glad. Well I tell you what happened my one year for Christmas my parents bought me a turntable and a microphones like a practice. And I want I love music I wanted to be a disc jockey and and I got a job at this tiny little radio station in Massachusetts. Taught Massachusetts. Silver city. We're at war well yeah I don't Hampton O'Sullivan got reed and Barton silver yeah. They're located and Johnson so I don't think so I was the account executive and I had a weekend shift. And I hated it. I was alone in a room by myself. And but I still you know it's the love music and so and I. Just started I don't know it's I was teaching school. And what a great thing to have a teacher with a sense of humor was at that bought the team is listed a lot of standoffs are former TH is Bill Cosby that her love for him I think Robert Klein it was a teacher. Lot of guys don't know that that I started with were teachers so. Yeah I miss the same kind of things stand up front group of people and have to. You have to occupy their attention you have to. Get them to pay attention for a specific amount of time. So in the mid eighties and I was on the radio station in San Francisco called line went 05 where ballots I feel like you might have even our assets away and Allen and move get here I was city's traffic report of the level however black shadow poem yes as Kathy LaBarge ski. And that was you tell me why this why lower after the bars because that was my real I get thrown into the the traffic reporter either quit it was an around and I eight. Didn't have a radio names so that was my real name and when I came up here in my has and so I'm really tired of being crystal are skipping you need something not true sure. But so you couldn't so we can talk about this and it. You don't fit the mold of a lot of comics at that time and I'm talking Dana Carvey Rob Schneider Monty Python. Jeremy I'm chasm okay revived and Kevin rainy. Go away to struggle for the last week and that and he's so different. The guys on my best buddies we had a terrific offender passed away and there was a memorial for him last week in his hometown and upstate New York so this up articles when I saw. Tom Kenney who know gosh I'm why Bob who called our house. And and floored my daughter Beth as sponge Bob borrowed time and Louis CK was there a date for a lot of guys who. Daryn this my friend Barry Clemens who passed me to be influenced. So yeah but I used to love going to San Francisco has to stay with Jeremy Kramer yes and and Kevin news on my best friends. And I love that scene it was very similar to Boston. And that the comics kinda rammed the situation. AJ showed up there there weren't necessarily scheduled there's no question juvenile put Alex in this category as well. I'm a lot of comics and I don't see US dispersant. Are very introverted and somewhat dark and even a little bit shy when they're not on stage and that's their place to. Have that other side c'mon do you do you. Two are not so yes and I'm not a really social person. I don't like going to parties and I'm very very uncomfortable. In group situations where I'm not on stage to Obama mama I don't think I'm dark at all I I know a lot of guys who are but I'm not but I'm not. A tremendously. I can be outgoing. But I'd rather be alone I just spent two weeks on cape cut by myself. And it was Gloria I think I talked of five people into an what is it what is your family say when you guys kept under loud Jean came my wife Jane came out. For a few days I'm. We have a small my wife calls an clam shack we have a small house there that and I and I like to go back occasionally just so it's not. Empty for six months that it move and I can I'm writings like and right there and I love. That area obviously being from theirs. So I got to read this as an intro and I am people locally known you. And I just out found out something on FaceBook that I didn't know either but this is what I got to bring Jack up to the other day at a fund raiser Jack Gallagher is a national comic who has appeared at clubs colleges and corporate events on the country. In addition we have talked about as he appeared in concert as an opening act for Tony Bennett Dolly Parton and the temptations Jack has made several appearances on the Tonight Show. But both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Jack can currently be seen as the co host of the syndicated PBS series money track rock every time left on his life doing what I've done. That. It's more about yourself he's Ulster received three Emmy Awards Britain's seven critically acclaimed one man shows and how in your regular recurring role on. The HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. How so what do you like better lions are TV slash movies. I like both. I don't do as much stand up as I used to I spent. Fifteen years on the road averaging between thirty and 35 weeks a year for fifteen years so. I've kind of had it with that and as I get older I find that. My demographic is the group that we worked with that the SP CS Lewis. Enjoyed your kidney stone jokes you haven't run got on and on sixty I the result I'm not gonna go to mile grade banks have and I'm not gonna go to like the punch line in and work for twenty year old who are looking at me likewise my dad once they complain about that. We're at and I there are so many truths that I am. You know you get up in the morning and you hurt from sleeping and how wrong is that that. And I have to tell you two years ago I canceled my probably fifteen year long People Magazine subscription for the greater reason you play out I don't know anybody anymore look at the cover ago we honestly it was like favorite. Once we can come in the mail on and so data on it it was it was costing me money because I don't know anybody. Exactly and I don't I light. Doing standup I'd. It would hesitate to say I don't drink as much as I used to but I like doing it. I'd like. Writing. Plays. He's one man things that I do. I don't know my job is great because I do something different all the time so like I don't have to show up and I never really enjoyed being an opening act. Doubtless. Really hard. Because nobody cares which they are they wanna see Tony Bennett along the youngest and travel I travel for a couple years with the Pointer Sisters when god and they just. They were wonderful. But nobody wants to see you came for the Pointer Sisters well I came for the money and some exposure and became people came to oh yeah that's exactly and it's like and you know what it's like the lights go down there. And they say we'll look at the put a sister showed little book deal but first assistant here but first and everybody goes. Ripped it through fifteen minutes of us. Money track money for life that sounds like a serious grown up I am planning such. Oh yeah and really. But I don't know anything about money other than how to spend it. But I hope I whatsoever Al I was the co host I've jokingly saying I was the eye candy on the show yeah okay I hosted it with the woman who was. Stock trader in new broad financial advisor. And I kind of was like the Everyman I would say okay we'll explain what that is to explain this time I learned a lot yeah I well yeah I was just sort of guy who's like you. People when they would do research. People would say basically well if he understands it I don't like. That or an outline all the checks we are. I'm Tony Bennett Dolly Parton the temptations who are some of the more unique. Interesting memorable people animal. Throw Conan and Jay and Johnny America. Ta Tony Bennett was was my favorite bipartisan amazingly nice person. Just a nice man as the opening act you are. You're charm your meat yuck so a lot of them might like Paula Inca. I work with Paula anchor probably did six or seven dates over the course of ten days with Pollack at the tents you know in the summer they set up its. In the round and I did that with him I never met him he didn't have time to meet me over the course of ten days. Well the pointers were very nice to me dollar partner worker issues very Sweden had a really weird experience with Dolly Parton which is very sweet and I okay huge. It's a long story can do we have time we don't. Kind of art all right. I've OK so here's basically what happens as the opening after work in front of that but Kuerten the runner right so I got like six feet of stage. And they traditionally. We'll page you on stage left lights go out black lacked nothing can't see anything. And a stage and we'll take on a flashlight put it on the floor for a view and you follow the light to the Mike stand. Get the Mike stand lights come on both my do my twenty minutes. Thank your body goodnight heard band is behind the runner her band is behind the current getting ready because as soon as I'm done she comes out. And as soon as I say good night they start to stamp. And they're vamp in nine to five. So now traditionally you exit stage right so I looked to my right and there's no light to page me off. And I tell a story in my act sometimes and I jokingly say on panic in because. I'm gonna have to start singing nine to five minute minute and I don't know the first line. So Canon and and and so I'm panic things so like I just instinctively look to my left and I see a light and I follow the light and I. Walked into her. I walked into her her you if you could see his hands ahead. Oh and she's she's petite engaged while I was bent over trying to follow it's pitch black you can't see your hand behind your face. So yeah very Sheila you're Neitzel who could. Yeah she is very switch ice at home Monica Seles are anxious don't you about sweetie it's not a big deal. And then her road manager can't madrassa and interest toward me you know 10 come on how he was like up and down and Iraq came forward and I'm you know I didn't give me my set I couldn't find the light. Where is that you know that. Finally at the. So you also OK so you right you've done one man shows you do stand a few I'd do it to television you do movies. Which is banned that it. It you're going to be performing in an kind of fading the podcast but you you have a band let's put it that I lied saying with the band you done nine to five. If I had rehearsed with the several years ago I was writing a play about my son William who is a person not to so I was writing a play about him and I have some comedy material that I. Was gonna use in the play but I hadn't tried it out but it wasn't enough for a whole show them so one of my good Francis Tommy Dunbar who's in a band called the revenues. Well and he said well why don't you. Might we do some signs you know how to sing and I said. You know not really and he said he'll put a cell anyway got touch with a bright from the day Ryder regularly I was and Dick bright put this amazing band together with. Tommy Dunbar now Chan from the room revenues. Dick bright Kevin Hayes a drummer who's. Played with he was Robert crazed drummer collection seniors as Brothers Chris Hayes who was and you and Louis. This is Bonnie Hayes the songwriter Josh so it comes in this magical musical family in the Bay Area. And this great keyboardist Allen Leon. And we rehearsed. And did this show where the first half of the show lied to stand up and in the second half because it wasn't enough roll show. The second half I sang covers with the band find. It just developed into this thing that we do every couple is so this is the seventh one that will do and I have. An inordinate amount of Mike rock general knowledge for summaries and that doesn't do me any good. So we place on as I talk about the music I tell stories about the songs like too little comedy and then we you know this year I'm gonna plug that we're doing in June 9. My hat to Sofia the newbie street Ariel yeah we do everything from. The wrath schools and Edison lighthouse we remember their head yes wait at. Love grows women Rosemary. So we do everything from their ass goes to that too Grateful Dead Tom Petty the band fun is just a ball we get people up onstage to sing back up and and I'm here so they're ready if you're if you saw its bottom up like we do it June 9 you can get tickets it's well productions dot com or at the Sophia box office and yeah it's it's just a fun show. And if you listen to this podcast after the fact you missed the show and not look at look at bad. I'm talk about both of your sons I have event with an autistic son and I so. Enjoy his perspective and you alluded to that lit night active is here you work the other day we have. Friend who his chin his his face. Is sort of a puckered grimace and it's just his opinion. And Steve listen it was the sound manually when you are such a sad this like you for. For say led. Other people think yeah. Lim as such when he to Obama he's in school is very bright. He. I'm. You know so much that people don't know about autism and the so much has had his diagnosed when he was seven so I was diagnosed fifteen years ago so many things have happened since then. I always refer to him as a person with autism and not being practiced them because if you were my my personal feeling is if I say he's artistic. And anything he does. Talk about guys. He can retro car that's okay like. But it as a person with autism is just one aspect of his purse out beautifully drives he drives left. He moved his very Smart but he's. He thinks in a way. That you and I don't think and he he's. A couple of things I was talking to Jane my life throughout this awhile ago. He's never told me alive. He's left out facts. But he's never told me a lot and he is the least self conscious person I know he doesn't care about. The clothes he wears how his hair is calmed are not Komondor. He's just his this his own person he's. He's what everybody wants to be doesn't care of people think about I mean doesn't care of people say about an amount that just let don't don't learn right out his older brother Jacqueline. It was a name a wonderful person. Isner a typical. And he has all of the narrow typical problems that we all have in terms of do you like him dressed as Willingham Xperia. William on the other hand. And close very diplomas in New York localism Brooklyn. When we go back to Massachusetts limb. What we all spend the Summers back in Massachusetts nicely and we'll take the train down to new York and spent three or four days with Ian. They go sightseeing and groom yet they're very very close they get on each other's nerves like Brothers do Beckham's very protective of William and William loves. His older brother and and sort of looks up to him you know they're very they talk on the phone a lot really tight. So you and not put myself in this category were and it kind of rare rare club and that I'm pushing thirty years of marriage he made that 38 dimension. Of the 38 this summer what is your wife and what are your kids. Say about this Korean that you have also like four questions and one indeed immaterial from them I think yes you do try stuff on your family or is that just. Do we leave out of the door now I I I. I don't I don't think I do that anymore is to make my wife really laughed hard when we first met. Now to our email latest laugher early outlook I know now Jacqueline makes a laugh announced that are you laugh at him like he must I mean I. But. Well the boys have have just always grown up with me doing what I do so it's not anything's. And gene was the one who talked me into doing it the first time. So like sort of blame her for. But. Duckling for awhile had a heart attack at the first player I wrote was called letters to and one of them and he had a hard time for awhile because. When he was that like a teenager people would meet in your. Well we're eager to climb all youth you know down and then. He he was not crazy about what I did for awhile but does he appreciated now says the actor has trying to understand that all alone really does. Standup in new York and he's trying to. He's got a little web series that he's producing is again. I think he's really funny home he just did a small part in Woody Allen movies that came out last very small part. So yeah he's trying to do the same thing William is isn't animation and they're both kinda creative kids. So people men now you know how how that happens. Do you remember you kind of talked about earlier do you remember the first time you went on stage in front of people. To Maria percent. I remember. The first time. Well the first time I went on stage was at the University of Massachusetts and I was doing jokes about the universe. They had a blast at that time UMass had the largest fear free bus system in the world. Nice to drive the bus as the bus driver can. And I used to do jokes about the different stops in but the cavs were like it did do they let the storm there with the jocks the happiest and it worked. But we're grade on campus yet and it would work world. But then when I started doing that in Boston had to start writing more. Not generic stuff from more. For wider audience and when you travel. I've having been a big fan of comedy stand alone time in kinda have to. Taylor Kingston if you find out here to find out on OK and what. Crappy count him via Syria real London and on the real it's that that's place and real and as. Ireland and whatever to a questions working with Larry David what's that like her I loved that show very good luck that I loved that experience haven't done in awhile but it was a great experience. Because it's like as pro and it's all in Prague yeah schedule a little sheet of paper with a one sentence description of mussina and you just go from there it's sometimes uncomfortable to watch because yeah there. Yes and the that was great and that was a lot of fun real injury that him and the guy who plays his manager Jeff. Garland is one in my. Closest bodies and in August. And so that my other question pisses podcast is called nor account names. Why why Sacramento. I got a job channel three I was I was a long time ago we did I didn't like LA removed from Boston LA. I have some success that it's an issue a few times can tell them because Carson did it. But I want us through a network is dead and Landon do the show anymore. We item like LA if this was everybody in this it's like DC with good looking people who everybody's in the same business. And I got a job a channel three hosting this show and we moved up here and we liked it and after the show was canceled like it's do do the road flattery and then we had the boys and loosen. And and we go you know we go back and forth to Massachusetts and try to spend half the year. Here and Hafner on Cape Cod. Well lately in our industry people come up means that the voice is it people say I should be in radio 'cause of my voice and I'm sure you have people that people say I'm really funny. Pause Lisa I don't know well a lot of times I'll do I'll speak around you know like the rotary and elks and whomever in my Communist leader. And now they just wanna know what I'm doing so as I'm writing this. And then in in inevitably something someone will come after witnessing I've always wanted to stand properly start. And they're like forty years old I think I feel like thing and do it. That ship has sailed you've got to start and I DR de LA. I say if you wanna do something go to on open like get on stage and people always say to me hideaway do. Get on state on unlike any other business I think including music. You have to get on stage to do stand up. To see if it works because here in your room thing is the funniest thing I've ever read and then you put it out but I'm speaking Mandarin what. Languages that he's in. So I just I I try not to be discouraging but I I'm honest and say. At a guy like three years ago say on this he was like 45. And found its agent he's gonna get any work and go on on the road map that good could create it for you. And it's not happening. I'm 65 nobody in Hollywood wants to talk to me anymore they have no desire to. I I know run out of time but I'll tell you very quickly when I knew I was getting too old I had auditioned for sure for Comedy Central and an auditioning. And north like radio and and television it's like a fourth state prices you're. Audition for one person and five people and ten people on the last that you go to the network vehicle going to the network in touch and everybody shows up thirty people show up and you auditioned for them. I did all the additions are great they loved me. They might much on this is fantastic. Couple weeks later a common agency what happened with the national now they're moving forward without you. And I said why and the quote ones and I remember this because that was the defining moment. Of people a Comedy Central said and get someone who does exactly what Jack does whose ten years guy. And at that point that okay screw it says is his rhythm knock on them anymore. So if with the things I have gone down for a light kick a curb and stuff like that basic army. Which is but I don't. Feel any compose. Yeah I yeah. You know his fingers. Pick one that just good it's collateralized. Can we not make it another 1015 years we get together and yeah and we have to just on our own talk about the hold San Francisco thing yeah right that was fun stuff. Thank you for coming thank you very much for appreciate it. Okay. John.