Good Day Sacramento's Tina Macuha

Monday, March 12th


Oh,this woman! Tina Macuha has been on Good Day Sacramento since the beginning. Mom, breast cancer survivor, foodie, musician, BEE KEEPER (!!!) and my long time friend - give a listen and hear the many reasons why!       


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And. Top teams handled things. And yeah. And I can. You must have been. He has. Yeah. It's your account names I only have an intro you know that would just go with that. Your account name or erase it tracked him to try and here if this is the cat chat. Cat chats with north Cummings you've Hoover or not like any day poorer memory. This is how long we've known each other at this interview was scheduled a few days ago and I called him because I had a cold more so than I did do now. And I was very apologetic because I was. He threw schedule and Tina took a moment on the phones that I completely forgot about. Toll from them and sounds I'm super important I was doing chores and you totally are important you know. We go back. Way thirty years. Thirty years at least. And how old is your oldest my oldest is 26 but I gauge it I was in mere idea and we've been married almost 29 years in Miami notes no long time our hair has. Has changed with us like my wake stops have more here than anybody and now and I've seen it and currently dates and other states and on an island. You have lived your whole life. Whole life I've only moved one time the first house and then again it was 41 near. Q what did you move away from here of humor from one house to another in Sacramento. And county Yemen from Sacramento to Carmichael and three and a half miles away. Who dramatic. And went from a little house mount lemon graphene. Into. Double the size. And so Ozal lost. And used all spaces from being comfortable and even back then house. Drive by 12 of them whichever knock on the door and go and if they like to I haven't Knoll. Honors. It just worked out that way I don't know them in we're close. You know what we can say hello and so I stop by any money commencing how making. Them now okay. If isn't that how we would happen to unite because you told me till I went by the house I grew up in in Sunnyvale and that person was out front and she says hello and I said hello in the operative nice and I grew up and this Massachusetts which elect can and and it started crying exit invaded twenty years for you to be outside this I encourage you to do that right. But I encourage you to use sitting your car across the street for hold it and burst into tears when it finally happened at the pitcher not ready yet in Italy do not seem to be I've scenery and Islam comfortable because like you remember certain things and certain room right now we have a Christmas tree right over here but now remodel so it's a different feel. That's what I mean would have a lovely home now coming home now let's get on. Union early on the two going to be in this industry and for folks who were maybe just nineteen a from today's Sacramento she started in radio and that's kind of how we met each other but. Your first it was radio. Stillman. Always going to be. So with radio I mean you to. Loosen me I fantasized about in high school. I mean. Now on the ninth tenth grade so I created my fake radio station came Mac is mine. And KM IC US bank idea it's a teacher in tables and a little mixer. And then I had one of those pushing brooms and I take my microphone to that. So I could you know we courts up on cassette. For those needed analytic fed and that means you're young yet and does little tiny tape. Recorders things sellout record myself on my GA BC. Stereo and money to turn tables and I had nice techniques turn tables like cute things and breaks sound like for example your members really bad in me. That was rod Stewart's. It was too is lewis' hit back then. And I connect ranked tennis and I. That was rides to tonight's the night. Time K and Macy can make you decent in the cassettes. I do you know idea of saving everything like that as I'm thinking in some day. My daughter would love to hear me. Not well my husband says era border and not a water I'm a historian. I its eggs yes historian I love that I love that to steal that from new. So yes I haven't beaten radio station limping onto another my dream came true I was honoree. And you were on him to pass them up Hollywood's most well four but the ones before. And needed traffic I did traffic reports again on other stations where. On the other side was Rush Limbaugh went time I'm so nervous it to do its part is I was in a different office. With a microphone system that went you know straight onto radio station. And then Hugh I was at least talk to help that's when he was physically in Sacramento yes yes. Because of the so nervous was against me. I heard it fairly clean I eat did you speak at that time I did speak to him was very to me. Yes. And time I was taking some you know hit shots modeling head shots. And I happen to show hand he has ought to aid its ingredients in his very nice. And I think you're the only person I've spoken to actually has spoken to him line. Analysts expect that's impressed and it was just through the airwaves. To through the airwaves so. You've been on good days since the very beginning 1995. August 14. Sole 22 and happier let me change from your loved to a very different medium you know when someone. Cams not going endurance. Of creating a show we think that you'd fit on the show. Of course your ears perk up your eyes light up and go out TV that means actually have that put. Regular clothes on and make. Is you know over the radio business you can pretty much camera surprise whatever and I used to Wear shorts teachers you know my. Legal term and might flip flops so something's if she still has to flip flops it's flabby ubiquitous flip flops. Soul I use and why not you know sometimes you have to open that door to see what's gone. And it. Was it of it right away so I was at bats yeah oh yeah and growing pains. Although he's going into the ninth and there's new show horse and starting gates. Fax machine on the sets course she did. Miss a dozen roses is your insulin does is rip. This is from jail and he says watching from the Ellis Island and things like that it's a lot of growing pains that I am very proud to be on match. Well and it has its has stood the test of time there are stations that have tried imitated it's not only successfully. And what I know from being different. Is that you really are family to you really all enjoy working together and that's Islamic huge difference I think you're seeing him because you've seen a lot of interaction behind the scenes to and you know me of the years that. Yes over time. In worked so closely again. Am I can't really duplicate that on the year when you have good friendship base behind. What's your favorite part. You carrier in the cruiser you do your addition routinely do teens tunes they've they preach not a special assignments I'm all the above idea that one part that is coming your favorite. And Europe foudy we take pictures whenever we together and that's as I Amanda your family start to and I know I'm thank you for that. I have to take a picture lamb let yeah I have my icing condition Mateen and pancreas and challenges the other day. Over it. A local restaurant that had a time of biscuits in grade he you know and am giving him Graham as French toast so I love it when we have and we we meet people that have been in the restaurant business or any kind of business. Four years this is family has passed down they wanna use the recipes from generations past. And it's very nice to meet people and the community so. This radio station is kind of near where your home and I made that the grave mistake of telling Tina and that the radio station is in a food desert there are no good restaurants around here she says oh really. So anytime we go to lunch or to practice. I just show up where Keenan tells me to show up and without fail is their their might be a little they might be unique with I was so good. And the owners wavered too and it. An array of what you like that the one when the when they served in Hamas so Hamas you up on and buying them at home. And they all milieu an assistant as fun discovering new things because of a coming up with something new and creative all the time. Who. I I have an answer to this from my personal experience with Cuba what is it like when people. Recognize you policy always very gracious but you know I'd and they they think that you guys are Christie's because they hang out the every morning true and you never met this person you wanna come to the. And I view. Every morning. And when you need the most part. Very very nice. We were at the DMV waiting for my daughter to pass her license the use and your daughter and me. And I think you world it's snippy with your daughter about something and probably well deserved to. Someone came up to you and you immediately. Became very charming and you uttered just went on eleven. I get my. Asked choose. An eminently viewer comes up but yeah I'm off the hook yeah but. Operatives that. When you're in your mommy mode and then you get busted an onion deterrence is the the Workman yeah. And be polite. And hopefully it's diffused now where was I most most people know what it's like to be impaired and out of absolutely I mean I've seen viewing your highlights once or twice. Lincecum either laughing or crying yes you've seen Meebo. We're jumping all over the place because that's how we do this. EU. Have a history of breast cancer in your family and you very bravely and famously went very public with your breast cancer battle talk about that. And April of 2009 months ago a and we dating this podcast you know it's just that as a matter myself. So every year I would say is he. That's you know. Would like landmark you know it's like every year you. Milestones milestones like a came in of the year we want to fives and tens you know some coming up on. Is it nine. Can believe them no I mean I remember like yesterday. Soul I decided yeah on the year 200 data shared. Hopefully that would help me view couple people remind them to go get. Their exams and their mammograms. Because you know could have been anybody and I didn't realize it would. Affect so many people payoffs and no matter what kind of cancer to force stepping out and emailing me you are reaching out to me. And I really truly felt alone the community. Game two is something is hard to describe but things have so much Karen love through emails and two cards it was it was so wonderful. On a personal note I am once again station is near your house then get off the air and then hang with you. And I am I am that person when you see weak in the knees and note that feeling as when I silicon Alley it just open. And earlier I think you terror ring and in that he said I need you to show me and you should see my scars and answers because they need you to know I'm still me. And I are bracing myself. Who who. But do you look and I always think oh Lima educator when it comes to that door I think you bite my husband saw the kids but it mattered and mattered and then and then. But oh mind you look at me in a medical away for just a quick second like. It's okay EMI bodies out what used to what used to look like. And it's just to change that I have to get used to and then people have to get used to even though you may forget that sometime you get on with your lines and on campus like you're trying to educate. People who USC right now. What let's just say it we're doing it and and leave but that the II is not a very patient in if you know what if that. So when you started. You only girl. When you started with your b.s we couldn't talk always have to send you are my my because. You're no limits about that commute ahead reconstruction. It would get a get. Beep cluster B minus oh for God's sakes they don't have a B plus. And obsolete so that to me. Yeah I think B plus on ABC at nine B minus eighty plus. Just the letters not the way I'm welcome Dustin used to being in and day or a county for a and then minute. We can edit the self but I don't think we need to so he told me that after reconstruction. They'll never have to Wear brought again to be leaning in that. Casket went in things that just a perfect most about the cancer that mine are going to be my armpits and put a little jealous. Well you know. And try to help other people right now you make a lot of people right now are going through this stuff is still turning to mean Ford dies and then buys effort. Up to certain points that need chemo or radiation. You know I'd take care right away line to take care right away. And histories. And I remember you saying hey I already. Breast fed my daughter I don't need these anymore and I remember the so. It was still sad. Sad that you settle in the keep looking over my shoulder and wearing him and despondent it was on one side and don't like let's take both girls not because and the 10% would wary. And think to myself I was gonna come back on the size. In time and and you get tested often. And it tests in discussing my doctor six months now attack and teacher. And it. Not babies now and B cup yeah not to become a move into the bees as NBC. Crazy disease let what got you into that and we don't have time in his podcast that we practice Wednesday you explain in the hole. Fascination and it really is insanely interesting story with a segment that I did. The beast or downtown extreme. It's. East. Cools. It bees a minute and you have really good honey. Against it can thank you and it's. The on the bees is very sad that it make it to the winner but they're doing good right now. Have you had the same bees for awhile and you know beauty of the lost the one yeah you look at swarms. You do well at the net and catch them you by the knowledge you there's is ninety don't catch and then there's a whole method of getting. You talked to that the association because it's so fascinating about bees either pitch a swarm. And the queen views truly between age fool the queen V they all take care of her make changes okayed. Give her special food. Groom her and do their work much like you in your own world that. Men. I'm not between. Your different ethnic differences where princess sees. Lately you've always been involved in music that you kind of really really gotten into music and playing with a band singing and that's been in the last few years earlier. Gigs and I alone rose band well because when I say would you mind right there it's as. We're looking write the music. One thing Clinton and other I think we just finish by six. There. Is so much fun to watch song born. From something that you heard I think it sounds like this in my head what is happening here. So they don't mess with my words that match. It pretty just pretty much completely honest with them. Change of verve here and he passed dance known now now. He ended the pale place is pretty even departments. And how are you saying. At the crest theater for an event so that doesn't count as does not answer yes you know. You have not and it and I'm glad I'm inviting line island in the future. And when I'm honestly and Kris timely 3 o'clock in the morning yes yeah. And bags and in my eyes and hair all over the place. Try to get to work you know and missed my mom my smile on it and everything you know made ago now. I just meantime you know what he can make time. You have X if you think the schedule podcast you forget about new house. You make an influence of the I'm throwing ailment that is slightly skewed teeny make time for a lot of different people your very community oriented. And that we're sisters in that respect that you take it to a completely other level I don't know that you know there were no. When people ask you benefits of if it's. I know your passions are women youth. Animals would not passengers to loop which in breast cancer fund raisers. I love me as spaghetti feed into it and a pancake breakfast and time. Now I love. You know helping kids. You have weird day anything like that. We like as a kid because I know you work with them Riley and you cry baby. We've got people touring by two to see Tina in the studio. You are crybaby. This is scared of everything really I wanted to be home I intended to be more drawn to adults. Who felt safer is did you sees bella so you know it. I didn't know that until we talked about it. I never even discuss it just is doing it for you the US Filipino. In Sacramento. When I was on as common as it is now my house like. It was difficult for error in the sense that I now looking back. Getting tease from Harry Brown skin. And and people being naive in the sense of not knowing what different countries in different nationalities are you know they would. Saying things to mean it was very nice. So I would just stay in my little shell. Than him and wanna interact much with kids. My age. And yeah. Well we know look a little bit you certainly come out of formation shall. Have it isn't a matter of the boat to get into a you're tired your career. What is something out. Parenting that you were not expecting. Any very very close to your girl yes of mine he knows that she's wonderful. It is so wonderful. Probably the teenager who is. Her teenage years. Where little. Roller coaster there you know her growing pains became mine growing pains. As a mom and watching. Watching that and feeling. Helpless. Cat what do I do. You know what I do I could we eyes and conversations back and forth and that you know we would cry and laugh and it get mad at us again. And guess they made it through dame made it through they grew up as as we did tail and I mean how are you as a teenager. I was everything if everything for the marching band nerd to a cheerleaders. But want to of the moods how are you William boots mostly pretty happy person who can. If you arguing mama did you listen to it and now. You're good. I don't know I know that we had she had most careless action three teenagers at once innocent and are his options. You know moms so sweet she is my friend you answer some Tina what is something you still lag do in life. By the book who can have a kid's story in my head that it always told Drina. And I mean I've told I should write it down but I haven't okay. We continue to write more lyrics. And Nancy noses at them and have been traveling. On the Italy. On heat. We might be going to Symbian. And Tony. At least Ari. I'm pretty excessive met like on a cruise school in between ninety. What's intriguing. And what's your favorite food was you've been kind of food you have on. Because I do like Japanese food. Japanese food chicken cuts is. It's kind fit like them was all day breakfast lunch and dinner. My breakfast and a new. Dinner and its favorite person via you make a good chicken with patent barbecue south stuff all over it was good before this was our earth wind and fire. Do you and then. I anything. She's in the band I'm not. McClellan view I want you to thank you for coming on the podcast went up of this is my podcasts. Thank you for coming on jackpot thank you so much the Republican side have a mind you everybody pat chats with north town.