Kelly Brothers

Monday, February 12th

For years, Kelly Brothers anchored the top rated KCRA news. He now reports business news and is one of the most sought after wealth management and retirement advisors in Nor Cal. And he's a really great guy! 



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Yeah. So much ongoing quest for a nor cal names continues and I have a forming my. Monday through Friday alarm clocks are a really tough with you on the weekends. Clinton Kelly Brothers from radio TV. Financial planning. Nor account name and nice to see you great to see you can't thanks for having me on. It's it's always a pleasure and you are a Jack of all trades where you're walking in and I'm talking you have a higher doing and I believe the stimulus you know for kids a wife and three jobs. That's a bit of a well and I stayed busy no doubt about it but dumb. But it's a good life. And we're all healthy and everything else is gravy has you know how that works yes I'm so. But no it some of the kids keep me hop and although they're starting to age out there as well one in college now another one headed next year. So the nest is beginning to empty a little bit. And but but I love what I do and the people who work with thin and I still get to do radio and TV. To a small extent. But the NL's transition I mean what 1213 years. Let's talk about that so. Won't eat if firm easier all over the place but when I first came here the church thing I sneer from what was TV you're an anchor. On channel three correct. Correct and I I came right out of grad school and went to channel three and went to work and that was back in 1989. What did you study a study business IE I always enjoy to be honest for the I'd I thought when I went to work in TV I thought I'd end up running a TV station. That was kind of the goal the time for me not for everyone but for me and but I ended up in the news department I was doing special projects and one day. Tom Sullivan was out and they said something went haywire in the market is that you know visits did you talk about so I did. And that turned into. More stuff and then what happened was is that John Kelly who is it true pioneer in the movie in this town I don't think people realize Kelly broadcasting yeah but the what he what he started in terms of you know for so put helicopter over the years for sure to do weekend morning news we start this weekend morning news show. And same time we started to show everyday from 2 AM to 5 AM. And literally no one else in the building would do the show and he said you on handler for three months like find someone. So it was terrific because it got me to I've practiced a lot but no I was watching it's time to finally have a good feel what people watching me ward new moms who. And prisoners there are the only two I got mail from as well and but I did that in and I ended up you know do in the sunrise show and then I was promoted up and then I ended up doing 6 in 10 o'clock. 4:36 in 10 o'clock for a number. So people graduating with actual degrees in communication bust their butts to get in the east have positions you graduate in not broadcasting or communications stroll and and it it are in one of the major markets on the major station. In the market. Yeah kinda yeah dumb luck little dumb luck in terms of timing and yet it if you had never let that show who knows what would have had because it was just me in my way of getting on and doing a lot of broadcasting in a short amount of time with no one watching right can make my mistakes and grow. And it was one of those things where there have been so often being in the right place at the right time like you said someone needed advice and there you are and you've got the voice he's got the face and then turned into a career. Yeah it was great it was great for a long time and I enjoyed it and things change a little bit and go when it's something great. You know the the owners of three Hearst excellent owners but I came up under the Kelly family and it was a family owned deem and that has a certain value to it as a certain field. I mean the other piece to it you know purely selfish Lee was. Whenever anything went on in the world because the Kelly group was its own small little independent group they would often send me. But the kings went to Tokyo I would with the went Diana was killed in a car crash I went to London went to Europe or went to Russia. I went to Vancouver went to South America for the funeral so vina polo also the poor girl killed in Yosemite in those terrible murders and I got all over the world and it was. It got two or three times a year. And it was kind of Fermi the straw that stirs the drink he kept everything in true yeah I get off and so then the Kelly sold in 2000 I believe it was and again in the new ownership group was fantastic and still is they're still dominant would you still married and but it was just different they had a group in DC that is for all their stations from so that'll panic came to a halt and and put a bigger piece of it though was when it was bigger than that it was. I didn't wanna be that guy jumping from Sacramento to Saint Louis to some Morales says. IE that was not going to be me. I and I we wanted to stay my wife and I want to stay in Sacramento moon and but at same time I wanted. I did worry me know there's different things drive us right right and it it bothered me a little bit that I was in a in a job where. A new GM could come in Hollywood new news hello. Radio or people right dragged their kids all over the country I am completely in your in your space my husband and I had asked for ten to take a job in Philadelphia he said. OK unless there's a whole lot more comments after that number. Will considerate but also our kids lover we let it matters to it it to be to me and it sounds like T youth that your kids have the continuity and grow up. Where you they're growing up. Right. And and I just and that Ozal thing was kids it was like who none and all that it's not just me it's not as mean jumping off to another city it's uprooting yeah and and so I just didn't. The that feel again and and TV or radio. And a new ownership group in new GM a new news director whatever it is they might and you don't even have to do everything I know you're just. The yeah you know they got someone else they'd prefer in onslaught which is there for me up and I just didn't like being in positions I wanted. I wanted to build my own level of kind of stability. Let me ask you this our mutual friend Walt gray. Told me that. Certain stories before he had kids he didn't phone the men when he was on channel three. But he you know read the teleprompter and got through some pretty horrific stories. After kids C he said there were times we can barely get through the stories because he was in a different seat as a parent. And reporting on horrific stuff talk about that with eight with some of the things you the story you just mentioned. You know any he had Europe's Ryder it's. And walls the same way to think yeah parenthood at least for men as a way of of taking the caps off of murderers that otherwise would kind of lay there for a long time but I mean I just remember. Yes love is resilient and but I left there where I just would watch certain Knight who find news there was very transient he had that option and so I and I remember I think my son at the time was six months old he's now. Twining in six foot four votes this month so I just remember. Driving to work one day and I went past the bus station arm you'll Graham balloon route and there was a light and and I was and I was there and a pickup truck pulled up. And you know look I have in my mind an eighteen year old kid got out the passenger side. And he grabbed his backpack is guitar on the back in his in my mind his dad gone out the front side. And the hog lasted all of my guy just a second too long for me and it just was. The dad saying good bye to a son and I don't know where the sun was going bud. And you never know you never saw them again yeah well hold their sales people getting out of car and then today as a father watching used to hold of now it is growth talk about your boys the Brothers Brothers it's all boys right no no. And. There are the Brothers sisters too and I. So those two boys into girls were allow to cause that. You know it's it's fun it's mean I you know I just. Find it so incomprehensible. That out of the same gene pool comes for people who were so completely different one another really you know. Although they're sensing humor remains somewhat the they'll fall in line on that but. No one in college too and high school and then one in middle school and and it's great and I still love them have been. That was another reason I made the changes did I mean dinner over twelve years yeah I would I didn't work harder than anyone else but I'll I mean but every day from 2 PM until midnight I knew where I was going to be rude and I just didn't want to be kind of that daddy never mated to a Little League games soccer games school played I mean that's that's funds yeah matters you know people say your good debt is about it's about me is what I want it wasn't like. Casserly just for the kids it was for me I mean what why Dwight how the kids if you can't enjoy it. That stuff and and it goes so fast we are empty ministers at our house calories can I ask I've got a daughter who lives nearby and I was talking to my sister who's just empty nested and I said Laura it's pretty cool she's cat. Alexi to your house three to four times a week so so you know hold your ex. Slowed nowadays I see a cutter I think they're right thumb but it's gonna go outside guarding house. Though it it it already has and I mean. By my youngest daughter are still coach for an soccer star coach in basketball and and you know one year from now that all comes to a screeching halt because once they. Hit that place and high schools like your he you know you're spectator best. And even though your Kelly Brothers on the radio and TV you're still down right and did they only do they like hang in with just. From where you so please so I mean they don't. Mine did its. The so yeah they would we have a good time and we you know I mean last night it was. And I mean to date your podcaster but to sit around watching the grammys he listening to. There are attitudes about music and their attitudes about politics and their attitudes about when they should or should not mix. And then today to see. The ratings on that word seventeen per yeah I'm a hammer and you realize what little there convict well now. So. It the other girl coming up at their own. You know their own sets of ideas and thoughts and I'd I'd I do listen you know I I absolutely listen so it's fun I enjoyed a missile and it's done. Do you see any of the I don't know. As I say not as I do in other words now your parents I don't know how you were growing up primary and a guy Johnson's seventh grade and it's I was very challenging it. Points to parent teenagers going knowing what we. Got into at that age. All is. It's really hard they start asking questions you know although the easy one was when my daughter got really mad because she did have phone. And she says how old you when you got your first thoughts. The thirty or any hits out there. There's. It isn't to say you're a loser. Oh exist actually before it. Good answer that other thing yet other you'd there's certain things stories you wanna be here and some new hope they don't come upon by. But you know to the extent you can show vulnerability who mistakes. And you know and just and point out. Especially here about tragedies of one type or another just being able to point out that's why you don't two deaths from flu like you know it's not who. It's you might do that one or two times and be fine but if you make any sort of habit of the odds are gonna catch up with now you know. And they hear you if they deal they knew they they hear you. How you you've lived in Sacramento a very very long time. Why do you love northern California specifically Sacramento and what is it that I have like five or six Sacramento questions the changes talked to unite your Sacramento. And you're not a dull and I love Sacramento you know I mean my AM. My mom and dad were immigrants here from Ireland and and thought were horribly disappointed when they were signed Sacramento. Because they wanted to be. They wanted to be in San Cisco which has a huge thriving Irish population is serious sign that's what they were told this is where you're coming well it was about my dad's work okay and where he was put two and down. Jose Ortiz went and they were just very happy in San Francisco will move but they grew to love the area of the field. You know I went to school in the midwest has feelings of the midwest for me as well. It's amazing how my kids and nieces and nephews. Love Sacramento to how they I mean how they. They almost take umbrage at San Francisco or LA and you know I mean hey the wicked little steps we are Sacramento or in today's date you know they they will openly talked about it being the greatest city in the world 25 years from now they will talk about that. With a pride that I never did you know. But I but for me it was mostly even though I love the area of the weather I love the proximity to Tahoe looks imbued the coastal all of that room. But to me it was more about. I knew bolster my family was going to be here who and I didn't wannabe. That Cleveland news anchor. Just flying home for ten days every now is it. Absolutely in our seven nearby. Did your parents I don't know if there and I think I knew with. I'm faced with that one of them passed they're both on the Eagles did they have Irish accents needed alone. And your kids have beautiful man's. Now fakes it well it's funny it might because we feel we bring them back to Ireland and our son spent today in the school low one roomed schoolhouse that his grandfather went to 75 years ago you know who goosebumps just because it get and they love. That's the other thing about aren't only talk about Wii U due to mean. The way the Irish love music can only mean groove after dinner they don't sit around that mean they sit around the guitar. And it is a constant stream of music and songs and ballads and you know and sedate than that he loved all that but. They were that they had their checks and they went back to work on the Irish accents on occasion and the kids love to go back to. Well and there are some stereotypes about certain cultures that are that are true and and and music in an Irish are one of them. I I aid would know just from your face but you write beautifully. And you've got a lot of traditions that you. Keep up with the family dead the reading of the Christmas story. Its size this and you know they added they Catholic upbringing. Talk lament about some of those things and you know that's been really cool you know the whole Greta girl weak thing has been yeah. Costing old lady birds here we are facts are though that say get your your school my nephews. Ben and black box productions a judge who regret restored for an alone I years and and so so that whole thing in the end again the pride of which which he speaks of Sacramento and a love letter to world Tenet sold just great great stuff I'm so. Happy that's kind of coming. You know completely around Bruno and there's no. Anyone ever felt shame living here but you know it it kind of was all. Well no I am I a Bay Area girls so guilty as charged and moved here in 89 but I'm growing up this was where we got gas to go to Tahoe. And so I'm not for you people looked at Sacramento wide like we looked at back a bill. Yes well yeah I yeah as a stop over maybe a meal sure sure. The not not treat the nut tree would you do that yeah I doubt the black oak and the and and some of those well and it took our general manager who is here but this from out of the market to to whom it was fresh eyes who said when they or inviting him to consider working here. They kept saying well it's near Tahoe its near Yosemite is near Napa its near San for Cisco. And he came Mary said try a few people this. Place here is awesome. What you talking about what it's near Sacramento as Kapanen. No it you know and and we're blessed with so I mean just the diversity of terrain in the weather come on I mean the people look segment all the lives would not be able to appreciate I'd I lived in solemn and Indiana for five years and we all agree it's every year and I mean you don't get anywhere near this you can't plan an outdoor stuff and in March or April or be even mania beat you just don't know delay seriously like so. But it is kind of fun to hear all the cousins talking about how they wanna come back here after school and ego and what do you do when you're recognized. That's the media radio mogul and he had no people. Pete for the most part are very nice although I we had a funny episode my daughter probably costs seventy years ago now that you walking with me through the mall. And someone stopped me Obama got used to watch you and I listened to you and you know and and she stopped him in their trade said he's tolerant person is called green unless you never heard from people. Palin can't tell you the Tories and that's funny heavier rebel it's your kids and didn't parenting down to just put out the broad statement and been recognized in mid to parenting news. Colo. I'll do whatever you well I I oh yeah I'm all I'm sure I have. I used to say that. The you know that it among the year in front of millions of people each week I'm treating millions and millions of dollars each week on behalf of our clients. But the most pressure I ever felt was in the front pew of church on Sunday when my four kids you know because it's you know. Odds were at for a few years there are over 5050. That one of them was leaving the church upside down screaming. So. That that's off a cliff like no other better behave barely. Although there is a video recently Drew Brees kids on the sidelines to see that now though. They are just fighting and you know maybe they're too what do you try to do an interview the other ones tackling and anyway it reminds me of good old. Could Maria and for a week and we have to let me so I say never let the kids outnumber the parents who always heard from two to three. Just makes things go sideways and now you've got four allied I don't know my wife was thinking about because it it's it is governed by right they go calling even married. Been married for 23. Years must be awesome. Those were and he now you know. You know dumb luck sometimes pound I got very fortunate and she's fantastic and she's she keeps the house Golan and and I try to keep lights on there you know it it's pretty good partnership what do you do for fun. Spent time with her well played sir well know I know it says it's it's. We do that we we we try to travel little bit especially. I think I'm focusing more on getting out in and seeing a few things now that I realized. You know our chances. As a team of six to be out doing things move that's coming lose and who who was a sophomore in college and one about to enter and it was a graduate from college that they're getting two weeks vacation and the F indications are likely done for awhile you've done your hard. So. But I I do that I coach. The exercise. You know sometimes of the gym and sometimes we live fairly close to. One of the hidden jams of the counting out B and sloth and park let me ask you just money mills who rails. Down to the river and back again and animals and nice people and so. We get out walk could we have a black lab that we take out there cool. So from the thriller what everyone a caller of the radio and television and media to millions of dollars do you enjoy that very different. It is it's it's a really good business and here's why you want make the comment millions of dog and that's not says you let's see that it does. Retirement plans and as more than one billion dollars under management and that's a beastie old one it's closer to three a trio turned three billion that have a here's a thing. You know I have clients who have a lot of money but the ones who keep me up at nighter the ones who or whom you know especially back during always known nine. The ones who kept me away worthy. You know the widow whose 78 and they've got one little pot of money in that said that money was going disappearing and I don't and they're trusting you then yes except. Ville is slow or maybe up at night much more than the guy who houses and ten million today ruined her room. But you know YE. I enjoy it I enjoy the one on one contact with people I enjoy the educational aspect either both flow wanted to through TV and radio because. Canada Libya muscle boxer but there's nothing more importance country right now the financial literacy. Because here's what's happening. Basically. When you when you look at the way the world is going governments. And corporate America are off floating the task of retirement planning to the individual. And most people or willfully on prepare isn't my hands Willie I mean but think about it I mean forty years ago what happened you retired at 65. Social Security is here it was fully funded I never gonna end Medicare fully fund didn't never gonna end you had a pension. Whether private or public sector running right and you took three cruises the united 72 that was like a forty years ago. Now you retire Social Security who did meet and we all know where the trend lines added it's gonna go belly upload they'll they'll make changes. They have to make changes. We don't know if that means you're gonna get less. We are of that music he can't retire until two years later but they're gonna have to make changes period. The same with Medicare. Pensions gone away in the private sector right right most part and probably have to. Be modified in the public sector as well you can't be calpers after a ten year bull run in the markets and still be massively underfunded. And how many people do you come across that are beyond the age of knowing batter who are who org who get themselves into this mess because they haven't planned it. I guess is never too late to start playing they get people in their forties and fifties going and we're gonna do. Right and then and it's my job in the comply one retired 62 what you can't retire sixty. Nobody especially husband wife walks in 65 the relatively healthy you have to assume one of them getting it ninety. You know these days yeah I mean I have I have a I have a few clients over a hundred. I have. But I I mean I've literally had people that I I had no idea is gonna live this long. The you know. And of course people wanna be a burden on anyone so you need to plan that for yourself and it's. Very hard to do if you're not financially literate and I still think it's. Sad that our schools don't mandate financial literacy I agree no so. Would it. Do you want people to know budget that you don't think most people know about him. But it in closing. Oh man that's a good one. I have Irish citizenship. Coal oil. Still love you go back on occasion I think I'm gonna try to get for my kids as well we give me an Irish accent that. I I can overrule deep team does speak about it tonight do it's funny we go back we all fall into it. So what else. What else should you know about mean gun music deal like. I like all sorts of music today I was walking I was listening to some adults and longtime Jackson Browne lava just listen do you know. But I I'd love some religious music I love. Rock and roll I'd two by these kids chagrin. I still listen to the eighties on apes on satellite radio. And go Kelly you know and I've taken into here we're we're going to do little trip to New York. And wrong and Agassi Billy jewel Madison square and god saw somebody and that's great part they'd love Elton John they played they know I pray and know they played Billy jewel on the piano. They play all sorts of stuff so Elton John's come into town in mind senior air Tony nineteenth and tickets are selling those are. Treason at his door at what we 300 is is that hey guys I think he ran out of money I think it. The federal engage or. I that the 300 dates on five continents but my client needs he's fantastic. Food and Daschle's ever solves at the old Marco in his face to feast or Billy jewel John I was there yeah I was there are salon. Disappointed by his son hair plugs that's yeah I. We have that much money and I do it meant to do our best to pain him BI they are right he does a hair for days. Kelly Brothers thank you so much cash think yankees so much as has been fantastic I don't again I'll see you Monday through Friday at. 638638. And then I got to get movement that's right after the basic evidence. And.