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4. Taro Arai from Mikuni

Monday, January 15th
Meet the man behind the Mikuni Sushi chain. Taro Arai came to California as a 15 year old with money he earned from a paper route in Japan.The rest is Nor Cal...

3. Sammy Hagar

Monday, January 8th
He has homes in Cabo, Hawaii, and beyond. Listen to why Sammy Hagar calls Northern California home.

2. Dr. Bodai

Monday, January 1st
How do you create a stamp that raises over 86.7 million dollars for breast cancer research? Sacramento’s Dr. Ernie Bodai tells Kat his story.

1. Tom Nakashima

Monday, December 25th
Is Paul McCartney a jerk or a nice guy? Hear about the time Tom interviewed Sir Paul.