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Charlie Thomas
EagleSacramento: Bruce Springsteen to Release Autobiography, Born to Run, Sept 27 https://t.co/Bhb0O1lYv6
6a - 10a
Bob Keller
10a - 2p

2p - 7p
Derek Moore
7p - 10p
Doug Thomas

Charlie Thomas

Weekdays 6a - 10a

Charlie's been on The Eagle since the summer of '99 but he's been a key player in Sacramento radio since 1984. Sample "Music In The Morning with Charlie Thomas", 6:00am-10:00am weekdays. He'll start your day with nearly 90 minutes of non-stop Classic Rock (8:30a-10a) on the Workday Kickoff, sponsored by Roseville Toyota.

Name: Charlie Thomas
Hometown: Memphis, TN. "The birthplace of Rock n Roll" ..a town very similar to Sactown in many ways..and yet worlds apart.
Arrived: Sacramentan since 1984...after 3 years in Chico in small market radio, and 3 years in L.A. hanging at Manhattan Beach...but never learned to surf.
Band/Artists: Pink Floyd, U2 and Zeppelin are my favorite bands, but I also rank Peter Gabriel near the top because of the way he's integrated world rhythms and other exotic flavors into his songs.
Alma Mater: Princeton University, in my "ivory tower" years...yeah, I knew John Nash (of "Beautiful Mind" fame) and I came to realize that in radio, schizophrenia is actually an occupational advantage.
Vacation destinations: Man, there are so many to enjoy right in our own back yard! Skiing at lake Tahoe, wine tasting in Amador county, golfing in the foothills, rafting the south fork, taking a walk around Folsom lake..why go anywhere else??


Bob Keller

Weekdays 10a -2p

Bob Keller has been serving up great music at the Cafe Rock for over 25 years in Sacramento. Bob came back to Northern California in 1980 to take a job at the legendary KZAP in Sacramento. It was here that Bob opened up the Cafe Rock, the noontime lunch show heard each weekday on The Eagle. The Cafe Rock features a fresh blue plate special everyday, a take-out window that offers up great prizes, and of course the friendly and knowledgeable staff that includes Chef Ptomaine, waitress Betty Varicose and busboy Sal Monella.

Name: Bob Keller
Hometown: San Francisco
Year arrived in Sacramento: 1980
Year landed at Eagle: 1995
Sports Allegiances: SF Giants, SF 49ers, Sac. Kings, Florida Panthers, Hoboken Zephers.
Band/Artists: Tom Petty...Rolling Stones. Little Feat
Alma Mater: SF State College and U.S. Airforce.
Vacation destinations: Any island other than Alcatraz


Tom Nakashima

Weekdays 2p - 7p

Tom Nakashima is believed to be the only Sacramento broadcaster to have worked for Marconi. (A short-lived weekend stint.) Tom officially began his radio career at the old two-room K-108 studios off of Fulton Avenue in 1975. Now, into his fourth decade in Sacramento radio (with the same company no less... and shouldn't that be a record?), Tom is holding down the afternoon slot (2-6 p.m.) on The Eagle. Stop in for some great classic rock. 

Name: Tom Nakashima
Hometown: Elk Grove
Year arrived in Sacramento: 1861, with the Abe Lincoln advance team!
Year landed at Eagle: 1998
Sports Allegiances: Kings, 49ers, SF Giants.
Band/Artists: Soul Prophets.
Alma Mater: Elk Grove High/ Sac City/ Sac State.
Vacation destinations: Buffet line at Waikiki Parc.


Derek Moore

Weekdays, 7pm-10pm

Derek Moore has been in radio for 26 years all over Northern California. He's spent the last 14 years at The Eagle doing nights, plus filling in for your favorite Eagle jocks while they go on vacation. He also works with The Rise Guys on our sister station, ESPN 1320. 

Name: Derek Moore
Hometown: Sacramento
Year arrived in Sacramento: 1973, then went to the Bay Area and came back
Year landed at Eagle: 2001
Sports Allegiances: Giants, 49ers, Kings
Band/Artists: Too many to mention, but Tom Petty, Clapton, Stones, Beatles, etc.
Vacation destinations: The coast, Lake Tahoe, Portland, and many on my wish list 


Doug Thomas


The radio bug started in Junior High. My friend Steve and I combined our stereo equipment in his living room and created our own after school radio station. We were “cutting edge” with our turntables and reel-to-reel machines. The speakers were ENORMOUS! (BB=before Bose). Born in Sacramento, I’ve always had a passion for music. As a former drummer, I couldn’t be happier with my chosen profession. I love working in radio. After starting my career in San Diego, I spent a few years in Reno before settling back into Sacramento in early 2004. The family includes my beautiful wife Crystal and Woody, the terrier. Crystal and I got engaged, on-stage, in front of 10,000 people at a Chris Botti concert in San Diego! My parents live a few miles away in Antelope. Crystal’s mom is in Reno. And my father-in-law, Jack Jones of “Love Boat” fame, lives in Palm Desert. I’m a sports nut. I love following the Kings and the Rivercats and I’m a total golf junkie.


The Cafe Rock

Weekdays 12p - 1p

Serving the best rock and roll ever made, the Café Rock is celebrating our 25th year in Sacrametno. The Café Rock turns out people pleasing taste treats to the hard working men and women of the Eagle workforce. We have come a long way since our humble beginnings. We boast the cleanest restrooms in town, right next door at the gas station. Just a short walk from our salad bar. Join me, Chef Ptomaine, Betty Varicose and Sal Monella for this, our 25th year in Sacramento. Rock on!... Bob Keller, Proprietor.


Get The Led Out

 Sunday Nights 9p - 10p

Sundays between 9p - 10p we have your Zeppelin fix with The Eagle's "Get The Led Out"


Elwood's Bluesmobile

Sunday's 10p - 11p
Elwood's Bluesmobile - Sunday Nights at 10:00pm

You can hear a full hour of the Blues every Sunday night at 10pm with the Elwood's Bluesmobile, an hour hosted by the legendary Elwood Blues! Elwood IS Blues music and mixes things up from week to week...sometimes with a full hour dedicated to a special guest; sometimes it's all classic Blues, and sometimes it's all new. One thing it's not is predicatable!

Visit the official website:


Eagle Trax

Weekdays 2:55p & 5:55p

Tom Nakashima hosts Eagle Trax every day at 2:55p and 5:55p and gives you all the latest inside information on Classic Rock, Classic Rockers, breaking Classic Rock News, tour information, CD and DVD releases and more.


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